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Homemade Handles

17 May 2012 - 06:37 AM

So, I ordered my first REV; a B-series pro mid vent that doesn't come with handles. Rather than spend $60 on the pro version that look to be pretty much solid aluminum bar that are finished on the ends with a hole drilled through, I figured I would try my hand at making my own. I bought some 3/8" aluminum and cut it off at 15", filed and sanded down the ends to smooth them out and now all I need to do is use my tubing benders to get the right angle/radius.

Can anyone tell me what the angle/radius should be and where it should start from the top? Does it even matter since I haven't spent more than an hour flying a rev? If I guess the angle and get it wrong, the only time I will know it's wrong is if I use someone else's handles or buy new ones, right?

Any advice would be appreciated!

It should go without saying that I can hardly contain my excitement and can't wait till I can fly my rev.

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