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Hi all, new to this stuff but it's fun!

09 May 2012 - 08:18 AM

Hi all, I'm Ben. Seems like there are quite a few kiters in the Tacoma area; I'm one of the newer ones. While I will probably decline calling it Kite Henge :P, my wife and I frequent Chambers for picnics and walks, and I like to zip around on my longboard quite a bit. But now I've got a Rev that I'm hoping to use often while we're down there.

I flew a two-string delta kite since I was in like 7th grade. The thing held up until just a few years ago (I'm 27 now), and I had seen some Rev kites and know I needed one at some point.

I ended up getting a custom 1.5 from Dave at Kite Connection, and have already managed to snap a vertical spar mid flight! Ouch. That's an achievement, right? I suppose there is a learning curve for every hobby, and that day I learned not to trust the weather wind readings! Oh well, a replacement is on its way. Maybe I should have gone with 3-wrap spars…

Anyway, if you see me and my wife down there, feel free to say hi, we are quite friendly. =) I can't post images yet it seems, but this is me and my wife Kristen down by the water at Chambers: http://imgur.com/8ELJd (edit: looks like the forum pulled my Gravatar, so that's me too a few years ago… should update that heh)