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My first Rev. Beyond excited.

06 May 2012 - 09:02 PM

Hello everyone! This is Jim in Cincinnati, Ohio. I just ordered my first Rev and I am beyond excited. After years (and I'm talking 20+) of flying my two dual line Top of the Line stunt kites bought in the late 80s, a team hawaiian chevron and a spinoff, I am finally getting the quad line that wanted since seeing the early Revs of the early 90s. Soon (but not nearly soon enough) I will have my beautiful B series Pro std with race rods.

I want to thank all of you for the incredible amount of information and advice that I found here on the Rev Forum. I'd also like to personally thank Dave at the Kite Connection, Kent at the Wind of Change, Dan at Into the Wind, Therese, and Lolly for providing guidance and clarification for this newbie. I had LOTS of questions and everyone I've dealt with in this community has been great. I really appreciate it.

While I wait for my kite to be stitched by the masterful hands at Revolution, I will be creating line sets (first time, yikes. Wish me luck!), learning line management so that I don't end up with a rats nest of LPG, and reviewing all the John Baressi videos that YouTube has to offer. Now I just need to hook up with the handful of fliers in my area. Boy I wish I lived close to the beach.

Should be quite an experience learning to fly on my own. Any tips, suggestions, or words of wisdom/encouragement are welcome and appreciated in advance.