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first flight review

07 April 2012 - 11:46 AM

Ok got my first rev (b series mid vent) on Wednesday and typically weather the worst we've had in weeks, itching to get out but to no avail, did spend some time putting it together in the house and watching the DVD and watching Youtube feeling sorry for myself. woke up early the next morning and looking out of the window, hurray the sun is shining, so with a spring in my step was out of the house and off to usual flying field only to find 'NO WIND' AAArrggghhh.

Again spent at least an hour setting up lines and putting everything together, still no wind, change the frame for practice, then, just i am about to pack up and go home it happens, just enough wind to get into the air and stay there, after all of the advice I've had from the forum i practice the basics again and again really slowly, take of, land, take off over and over. before you know it i am hovering, flying reverse, tight turns. after an hour i have to stop as i have cramp in my face from smiling so much, this kite is amazing. Posted Image

15 min later I'm at the beach where the wind is stronger, so change frame again and agin my face is going into spasms cos now I'm doing tip touches and drawing in a crowd.

flew again today for a couple of hours in really good winds trying to make it all look smoother especially side slides, but could really do with some more advice especially with flying up side down it all seems abnormal and line management, seems to take an age to sort out lines so not twisted if someone can point me in the direction would really be great.

i can't believe how much fun I'm having, to have so much control is amazing.

let you know how things progress.


Help and advice before I spend my cash please

01 April 2012 - 08:57 AM

Hi there dark lords, I have just lost a chance at baging my self a rev SLE on E Blag,(105). After reading for the last few days the wisdoms of the members of this forum and being completely in awe of some of the videos by some of the very proficient flyers out there i am now ready to sign my allegiance to the dark side. Will you have this wannabe?😊

A little history to help my cause! I have been flying kites of all sorts for over twenty years, from power kites, single lines and quad line traction kites, after a gap of a year or so thought it a good idea to get the traction kite out again, mistake, after nearly ripping arms out of sockets and unable to put jumpers on without aching ( yes I'm in the UK) I have decided that I am not as flexible as I used to be, so while looking to put it on E Blag saw a 12 foot octopus kite (bought it) and was intrigued by the afore mentioned SLE rev. One site led to another and here I am, willing to make an arse of myself while learning the ropes or strings!

If you feel like accepting this bumbling fool into your midst I ask for nothing more than your wisdom and patience so here goes with a question.

After realising that for not much more than 105 the second hand kite went for I could get a new EXP (164) and for a few quids more (190) I could get a 1.5 vented or a 1.5 SLE with extra ulta light weight leading edge all with lines and handles dvd etc.

So what do you think is my best option for a bloke who's never flown a rev before but who doesn't have the exta cash to keep upgrading ?

I wait with held breath for your acceptance and if you don't mind your advice.

Many thanks in advance your servent