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Rev b series question: where to install the weights and wear/tear

21 March 2012 - 08:09 PM

Rev b series questions

1. Is this what the weight kit looks like? Also how and where would you attach it? I'm assuming close to the bottom leading edge caps correct? I also read that you can use .22 bullet shells to add weight
Posted Image

2. Where is there the most wear and tear on a rev kite? Coming from Dual line kites, the wear and tear would come from the upper spreader which comes in contact with the sail. I just want to see if I should put some tape on the b series as a preventative measure.

3. I have 120 foot lines with the b series, but for kite party rev flys; what length do they use? Should I shorten my lineset? ( i know how to equalize my own set) Or purchase another one? Lastly, how does one measure 85 feet of line as a reference point for building a lineset? Do you use a tennis court to gather measure lines since tennis courts are usually a standard size?

4. I have quite a bit of wrinkles in the sail. Are there ways to smooth them out or should I just leave it be?

Thanks in advance!