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Is this a trick?

12 April 2014 - 03:30 AM

G'day all.

I've been flying my Indoor a lot lately and have found that I can consistently get it to stall mid apex of an up and over. Instead of the downward pull to complete the second part, I push up with both hands, sometimes put a little brake on pre-push to help. This takes all the drive and motion out of the kite and stalls it completely. While stalled it stays flat like a pancake and will just float pretty much at the end of the lines until given a command. From this stalled point I can rotate it without more than a foot loss of altitude. The changes of direction in the stalls I have been able to get quite fluid.

I was just wondering is this is a trick, and what it is called?


What's your favourite Zen set up?

28 December 2013 - 09:46 PM

I got my first turn on a Zen recently and we didn't click with each other. It was in very light winds, less than 4km/h and it was set up on 50' x #90 with 13" handles. I had a go and it felt very very slow to respond. Once I changed to 15" handles it felt a lot better but still a little subdued.

Would #50 line be better? Perhaps a longer set?

It wasn't my first go on the Rev 1 sized kite, in fact loved West Australian's 1 with the SLE in. I have a bit of light wind skill and wasn't expecting it to handle like a 1.5. Could it just be a case of a lighter line set and taking it on a few dates to get to know her?