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In Topic: 60 quad line rev lookalike vs a Rev 1.5

Yesterday, 05:24 AM

The deal really depends on who you are getting it from. Especially in regards to optional upgrades.

One kite and frame. I would go a Standard with a Black Race frame. The race frame is most likened like this, "weight of a 2 frame with the strength of a 3 frame". It's not the whole truth but it is a great approximation. The race frame isn't as stiff as a 2 or 3. That is you can compress/load it much faster.

A RTF will get you up and flying the quickest. Lines, handles and a kite. Whether it be an EXP, 1.5SLE, B Series or even the New York Minute they will all do you good. Like it has been mentioned, most get a Standard first them Vented then Mid.

You are going to save even more if you buy all second hand. Put a "wanted" out there and see if there are any bites.

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In Topic: 60 quad line rev lookalike vs a Rev 1.5

Yesterday, 04:10 AM

With the ailing Aussie dollar compared to the Pound, here is my 0.9cents worth...

A Standard, or Full Sail with 2 wrap and Race Frame.
A Vented, or Full Vent Sail with 3 and 4 frame.

These will cover you from 0 to about 30mph, skill not with standing.

Then as your experience, and hunger grows you could get the Mid Vent as a sail only option. Save on postage too.

However, meet up with other Rev pilots and ask to fly their kites. We don't bite, some have cookies. Ask if they have any second hand kites that they are willing to part with. A Rev flies long after it looks like it won't.

Most of all, keep us informed of your journey. Every time a new pilot crops up we all go back to the time we started and remember THAT feeling of first controlled flight.

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In Topic: What is the are of the rev ?

30 April 2015 - 05:08 AM

This past weekend (admittedly it was a long one & G-R-E-A-T) a bunch of us showed up in Ocean City, MD for some kite flying.  Honestly?, the ground was littered with Revs in every direction.  Four separate multi-lined ballet teams were even assembled for impromptu competition in front of the Kite-loft Sunday!  An experiment was performed behind the backs of a few of us as follows:
Eliot Shook had a 135% mesh out with 4 wraps (stock, no sticks or modifications of any kind)
Paul Dugard had a 75% mesh with green race rods (and magic sticks on their stock bridle)
I had a 40% mesh with Diamonds, sticks and a french bridle
Cath (the motivating mother of these woven strip quads!) flew each of our kites, one after the other in rapid sequence and pronounced them all "perfectly tuned and appropriate for the conditions today".  We flew them in various team settings all afternoon, together.  Did you notice, that each kite in this sequence above has more sail surface area and a lighter, more flexible frame than the previous?
What you see here is why these masterpiece kites are sometimes considered costly,...
Each kite represents a hugely available wind range though (where flight is pleasurable not merely possible), made even wider still thru variable framing choices, almost like getting two kites on one.  Each thought we had the hot set-up for the day, NO WAY said mamma-mesh!
I have heard rumors that the Shook Mesh Masterpiece kites FAILED the wind-tunnel testing in extraordinary fashion,... okay, fine,...... but don't change a thing because they work pretty super in real life.

This is quite a surprise to me! That all three could be up together. More fuel for that Shook fire!!!

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In Topic: First kite

24 April 2015 - 08:35 PM

I'm pretty much up for anything vented! Really would like to try a B2 mid or full sometime!! The vented Super sounds great too.

Just put some magic sticks on your B2 Std and skip the vented sails.....

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In Topic: Rev2

18 April 2015 - 08:05 PM

On the Rev web page there is a section on "where to find a dealer". Or something to that effect.

I like that you are jumping straight in to the big guns!

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