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Rev 1 Change from SLE to ?Wrap

27 February 2012 - 08:07 AM

Hi everyone...
a few words about me cause this is my first post.
I am from Kiel in the northern part of germany and bought my first Rev (L. Sedgwick SLE) a while ago.

I bought the SLE because I was a bit scared of braking something in the first "crashing" phase.
We also usually have stronger winds here.
But now I got some flying experience an would like to change to a lighter frame.
I am just a little unsure what to order.

As far as I discovered, I don't need to change the end caps and the only difference between the middle and the outer LE rods are the small connecting tubes.
Even the vertical rods are the same length as the single parts of the LE. (What a system!!!).

To have a full 4-Wrap frame I would only need 1 middle LE-rod and 2 outer rods (same as the verticals). Right?
The SLE got 4x verticals.

The next question is, what would be the best.
I like to fly the kite in really low winds but I am still not the best flyer.
A 2x frame might be too fragile for me. Maybe I should go for the 4x.
Which is actually the standard for the Rev 1 right?

Would it make sense to order a 4x and 2x LE at the same time and use the 2x together with the 4x verticals I already got?
Not sure what to do?

And the last thing I want to ask is if there are any Rev-flyers from germany in this forum.
Maybe we could meet one day.

Best Regards to all of you...