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In Topic: Rev 1 Change from SLE to ?Wrap

14 March 2012 - 01:12 PM

Hey Lolly,
For some reason I can't send a PM. Hope you see this

I am a little late and I guess that you already send the stuff to germany. But there might be another chance. I can wait till you have another order from germany

I would like to order a 1/4" 4 wrap leading edge and a complete race frame. All for a Rev I (Sedgwick).

Do I need any more parts to change from SLE to a lighter frame?
What will be the costs?

I like to fly the Rev in really low winds.
But living on the coast I need to be prepared for a little more wind. Thats why I decided to buy the race- and the 4w- frame. And I have the SLE as well then.
That might be a good package