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#87398 Help and advice before I spend my cash please

Posted by lamrith on 08 April 2012 - 06:10 AM

Nick is right - the line management tutorial is great!! One of the big secrets to it is - to do it the same way every time!! Don't guess it's the same, do it regularly, and you should have no problems with your unwind!! :kid_devlish:

And wind down to the handles on the ground, don't let them rise off the gorund and spin/twist. Keeping everything locked in relative to when you landed the kite means 99% of your twists shake out when you unwind the next time.

#87395 Obliviots

Posted by lamrith on 07 April 2012 - 07:30 PM

Wow, Some MAJOR Obliviot sightings today!! FIgured I would share.

Took the son to the park as the wind was up. He flew AWESOME his 1st time on a rev.

While he was flying we had a family letting thier 2yrd old run all over the park 30ft away from them and ran right into the lines of a parked Rev.
We had a couple of 10yr old girls lay down and trying to roll under his lines, while the mother just walked along an whatched.
We had another family with a toddler flying a single line that backed up almost into our flying window. Why are you backing up when it is blowing 10-15mph?

@10yrs old my son was calm and smart and each time when he saw the obliviots approaching the danger zone he quickly landed the kite and waited.

I must say I was VERY proud of my son, almost beyond words actually. :blue-love:

#87182 Casual Rev Clinic: April 14-15

Posted by lamrith on 26 March 2012 - 11:30 AM

Well at this point I am going to bring my son, so make that 3 youngsters!!

You guys are like a brute squad around here!Posted Image

One person is taunting me, saying how well my son will be able to handle a rev based on his foil flying :censored:

Then another is telling me about bringing thier little one as well as a beach toy for them to play in... :kid_devlish:

Can't. take. the. pressure.... :kid_cussing: Posted Image

See you all in a few weeks!!

#87014 5th annual West Coast Rev Clinic

Posted by lamrith on 18 March 2012 - 07:59 PM

WOW, what an exciting and fun weekend! Not really sure where to start... First and foremost, thanks to Iquad, World Kite museum, Kite Shoppe and all the sponsors for hosting this event. Without thier work, this event would not happen.

WCRC is definitely well worth the time and investment. Anyone that has not attended one yet, DO SO as soon as possible you will not regret the investement!

I had to leave a bit earlier than I had planned today, just as the wind came up and everyone shifted to vent's. I hope the weather held up and I took all the nastiness with me. I had snow most of the way out of longbeach until I hit town, hopefully I took one for the team and you guys had a good afternoon.

The sense of family in the Rev community is simply amazing. It was interesting to whatch everyone gathering into small groups, getting to know each other, sharing tips. Many an impropmtu group flights as one becomes two which draws the attention of 2 more. Other kiters spread out, We pack up and rock on! :blue-music:

Thanks to everyone for welcoming a complete newbie and making me feel at home. I know I learned allot and can't wait till the next time we fly together! :sign_kitelife: