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Oz Shockwave epihany

31 January 2012 - 04:10 AM

Hi All,

After reading a few posts and topics, you will probably have a bit of a laugh at my introduction and first couple of Rev flights, so here goes.

I was given a Shockwave as a gift, but the kind soul in their haste to wrap it, inadvertently lost/threw away the DVD and Instruction book !!!!

So I have been mucking around and getting frustrated trying to fly this thing, so started to scour the forum for clues.

First thing I found was that I had the spars on the front of the kite in what I thought was exactly how the photo on Rev website showed ! so once I but the spars behind the sail, things started to improve !

My so called two line skills did not seem transfer to the Rev, and was still struggling to keep kite in the air and have any control. I then viewed a You Tube video "Revolution kite lesson by Joe Hadzecki - Porstmouth 2008" well this changed everything, His insistence on relaxing the grip on the handles made a huge change in the way I was thinking and controlling the kite.

Anyway I got home from work tonight, straight out to the nearest park and started my nightly up and down walk of shame ! I was having a little sucess but struggling to keep control. Then just I was about to pull the pin, or stake in this case, the gods smiled and sent a stronger and more constant wind , then the epihany I just relaxed, lightened my grip, mad smaller adjsutments and moves, what do you know the kite stayed in the air, even managed Vertical up and down control !!!

Needless to say flew until dark, and like a kid in a lolly shop had a big smile all the way home :)

I know it wasnt ideal, to be sans DVD and Instructions but I suppose it proves the point that once you get your head around the physics of the kite control, Revs are quite easy to fly !

All the best