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25 April 2012 - 04:39 PM

Skennie you got at least one other Rev fanatic to fly with! Posted Image

Excellent! I better start practicing.

You won't be very far from the beach in LaJolla. From UCSD there are buses going all over SD. With a student ID the buses are a bit cheaper. Look at: http://www.sdmts.com for bus and trolley info.

Thanks for the advice. I was a little worried I'd be a bit isolated, but La Jolla is closer to Mission Bay than I'd thought. Hopefully my o/s student ID will work in the states, but I think the SD public transport is considerably cheaper than what I'm used to in Sydney anyway!

In Topic: CA, San Diego

23 April 2012 - 11:01 PM

Hi all,
I hope this thread isn't too old to be posting on now :)

Just thought I'd put it out there that I'm heading to San Diego for a few months for a summer internship (I'm from Australia) from mid-May to early-August 2012.
I'll be sure to contact the San Diego kite club and head down to Mission Bay, but if anyone knows any flying spots close to La Jolle/UCSD which is where I _think_ I'll be staying, I'd love to hear about it too.

I'll probably be bringing a Rev 1.5 and/or a Rev 2 over with me, both non-vented.

Hope to meet lots of rev fliers in person at last (there aren't m/any where I'm from)!


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18 January 2012 - 04:49 PM

Hi Stef,

I'm wondering if I was the guy you saw at the monument. I don't recall talking to any Aussies, but maybe we did not talk. Was it a first Sunday of the month or another day. I try to get down in the mornings on a Sunday at the monument periodically.

Welcome to the Dark side, and have fun!


It would have been Sunday morning the 13th of November, there was some sort of running race on that morning. I didn't stop to talk because we were only there for a day really, and I had to make absolutely sure we made it to the Air and Space Museum. I just gaped for a few moments at the awesomeness of it, made a mental note of the "Revolution" logo and kept on walking. I think the sail was mostly (partly?) white/light with maybe blue or green accents (but don't trust my memory here). Definitely wasn't one of the power/speed kites and I don't think it was vented.
If it was you, then thank you very much for inadvertently being my introduction to this wonderful world up in the air :D

Seriously, I now have a strong urge to go down to Canberra (our capital) and see if they'll let me fly around our Parliament House or some of the other official buildings/memorials there.

And to Michael, thanks for the welcome to the forum :)

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16 January 2012 - 07:02 PM

Hi all,

I've just started flying in Sydney, NSW - I got a Rev 1.5 SLE for Christmas after seeing a guy flying one next to the Washington Monument on a trip last November.
I have seen plenty of kites out and about but no other revs yet...

So far I've been flying in two main locations, Sydney Park when I'm at home (great in N/S winds, and with the planes landing/taking off nearby), and South Coogee when I'm at uni.

Any others out there in Sydney?