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First reverse hovers :)

19 February 2012 - 09:59 PM

I would like to share my humble first video of my Rev flying here.

Thanking you here contributing in my learning curve..
I started flying quads last month and learned on the supersonic, two weeks ago i received my Rev 1.5 sle and started some precise flying. I know a better kite like a B series would have things even better for me but they are just mirage for me at their $ price..so i get try my best with what i have and give the best i can following your advice and tips here.

Saturday was a nice 8-10mph sunny afternoon and decided to practice that reverse hovers and some pseudo slides lol.
Things are really easier now and i only hover in reverse since i learn this..it is automatic and found it easier to hover in that position..need some more practice but i think i get my ticket for the Dark Side :kid_smartass:

Working on some clock turn that i have some difficulties doing right now. Holding the kite in the same altitude and doing spins is hard for me.
it will just drop or rise depending on the rotation. i can keep stable altitude in vertical hovers bit it will drop about 1' upon a spin..i guess practice is the solution here and working out the hands for the upper wing.
Well i thank you for watching the video and any comments are most welcome..critiques are even most welcome as they help me get better.


It was taken with a phone by my flight mate and sorry for the wind sound in the video :blue-confused:


Parts List and Description

29 December 2011 - 10:41 PM

Hi all REVers here,

Being new to the quad world, i sometimes cross some terms and some parts name without even knowing what it is. I have been flying dual lines later and now started with the Revs. Some basic and most parts are quite the same (LE, bunjies, etc) but for a newbie like me and for the others to come after, can someone please post detailed pictures of the kite and parts? I am perhaps missing some posts already covering this but had a looked this for days before posting here.

I like to know what parts does what job and takes no time understanding if things goes wrong during flight and if repairs necessary. Perhaps a parts listing or illustrated diagram and description. Besides the videos for setting up the kite (which is great btw) i do not have quad flyers nearby (perhaps no one but me here) so meeting up others is a mirage for now lol.
Found this diagram on kiteshoppe showing the parts (low-res image) but that's all.If anyone has another diagram with more explanation and can put watermark protection for copyrights it he wish.

Other concern is that many copiers might take advantage of this for illegal copies and knock offs constructions but i think this will not stop them and this will greatly help newbies understand more the kite itself before flying.

Thanking everyone for any help they can provide.


Hello from Mauritius Island

23 December 2011 - 10:48 AM

Hello All REVers here :)

I am Bryan from Mauritius Island (Far far away from you) and new to quad lines.
Been flying duals for months and had a deal for a Rev kite i could not let go. Go my Supersonic is coming soon and someone (one of the best flyers, if not the best) directed me here.
So this is my first post in the Revolution Community and seize the occasion to Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Joyful 2012.