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#87729 Inverted hover

Posted by B-13 on 23 April 2012 - 09:32 PM

SparkieRob, great if you are managing the inverted. However twist in the lines does not help here. Perhaps your lines are less slick than it was when new and the sticky lines are correcting your over controls and over inputs.
I would suggest you put your kite in the up position on the ground, stake it (stake goes at the top leaders here, i'll explain why) lean it back so it does not fly off, then walk to the kite and reverse it manually. In either direction should work.
Now reverse it will not fly off as you are holding the handles from the top leader which will make the kite lean back automatically :)
Go back to the handles and practice with only little movements on each handles just to make the kite lift but not take off...
I'll stop here and recommend you visit and subscribe on kitelife.com where JB has a very nice tutorial which will make you hover in few flights sessions :)

Good luck and last tip is: Don't over control with harsh movements