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Replacing SLE leading edge and mesh

26 May 2012 - 12:47 AM

I have been flying my SLE for 4 months and the leading edge mesh is splitting in quite a few places. Also the ends of the dacron leading edge and the dacron strengtheners on the leading edge are fraying badly. Not very impressed to say the least.

SO I wish to replace the leading edge and mesh.

Question. Has the leading edge (LE) got a 'built in' curve or drop on it ? I have layed it out on my bench and 20.5 inches from the center of the kite the LE drops down 1.5 inches to the end of the LE I am not sure if this drop is a result of flying or is built into the top of the kite.

I have laid my EXP out and it has a gentle curve from the center to the leading edge of about 2 inches. Is this also built in.
Also the distance from the center to the holes for the top cap are noy equal one is 27 inches the other is 27.25 inches which one if any is correct?

Is this splitting of the leading edge mesh and the dacron fraying a common problem on Rev kites? As I was going to buy a B series but do not want to spend 250 / $400 on something that will start to deteriorate in such a short time.

I must say I started with an EXP which as I was a novice has stood up to some harsh treatment and although the fraying dacron is a common fault I do not have problems with the LE mesh.


SLE bridle

06 March 2012 - 02:12 AM

Is the SLE bridle the same as the B series Revs?


Supersonic strut placement

22 January 2012 - 11:46 AM

On the Revolution Supersonic do the vertical spars fit on the front or rear of the sail? I have seen pictures with them on the front (bridle side) and the inner spar on the back and the outer spar on the front.


making up a spares box

10 January 2012 - 06:54 AM


I am making up a spares box to take on holidays etc just in case of loss or breakage.

What is the weight of the bridle line on the EXP and SLE ? I have been looking on the web at 90lb Polyester Bridle Line or 150lb Dyneema Bridle Line.
Also what weight is used for the handle pig tails as I want to put extended ones on to experiment with more adjustments? (It looks the same as bridle line)

What size are the bugee cords used to attatch the end caps? (Not sure with my tape measure whether its 3 or 4 mm) Also if I replace the bungee cord is the length critical ie the tension on the sail?

Lastly is there anything else I would need I have 3 sets of different wrap rods and a set of end caps.

Also at a recent meet someone mentioned lubricating the lines if flying on the beach as after time the salt etc tends to damage the lines does anyone do this and if so where abouts in the UK could I get some?

Thank you.

Hi from Leicester England

13 December 2011 - 05:36 AM

I am a truck driver and retire next February. Hopefully I will have a lot of spare time. I bought my first Rev (EXP) 6 weeks ago. Well it was either a kite or a dog. The pro's of having a kite are that it does not leave crap around that you have to pick up and put in a plastic bag. Also kites do not leave hairs all around the house for the wife to moan about.
Because of my job and the recent bad weather conditions ie high winds or no wind at all I have only flown for about 10 - 15 hours but I am completely hooked. The only way I can explain it is it seems as though I am exploring another dimension with the kite. As they say 'Welcome to the dark side'.
I have now bought an SLE (Too good a bargain to miss) so am on the way to becoming a horder of Revolution kites, which seems to be a prerequisite of joining 'The dark side'.