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b2's suitability

27 October 2011 - 11:09 PM

I have been looking at getting a Rev for quite some time and finally and spent quite some time trawling the internet. In the end i decided to order a b2 online. Unfortunately the colour i ordered was out of stock and the retailer also wanted to discuss the suitability for me as i will be new to flying a rev. He did not recommend the b2 for me and suggested a 1.5 or 1.5SLE as they are more versatile? and its also whats the majority fly.

From the things i reading i cant work out why a b2 would not be as suitable for a beginner.

From what i gather, because of the shorter wingspan and different LE's the b2 is going to be faster and therefore more difficult to learn.

Seeing at the b2 is fairly new i was expecting to hear the majority of people to be flying a 1.5 or another model that's been around longer.

On an older thread on here John had said this about the b series

"It's not harder, it's exactly the same controls, just smoother and more precise."

i presume this statement would include the b2?

The angle I'm looking at this is, how many people recently have tried to start flying revs with the much newer b2 if most people automatically recommend the 1.5 because its somewhat the norm.

Is there anyone who has made this jump from 1.5 to a b2 and can honestly think back to when they first began flying and say that a b2 would have been a bad decision as a starting point?

I know flying a rev is going to be difficult and alot if it comes down to the user and not the kite, some people learn faster than other and some people also have a natural feel for things and are able to improve more rapidly.

Would appreciate opinions on if i should take the kite dealers advice or that i go with the b2, but with me having no starting point both are going to seem difficult and it would then come down to my persistence to master the model i chose anyway.