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In Topic: Video, video, video, and it's going to be good.....

24 October 2011 - 12:55 PM

Here's what I'm thinking and wanted to run it by the Family and get your input....Posted Image I want people to put
together a 3 or 4 minute high action video with music and Rev flying, you know with dive stops and fast
action team flying and just build a really cool FAST ACTION video and then have say 3 judges
of my choice decide who takes first, second, and third , then award say a custom B-Pro to the winner or
maybe even some cash but make it a real cool prize for the winners..... Then use some of the cuts in the
new up coming store demo DVD which is sent out world wide and yes you will get credit for the video
and your stuff will be seen world wide, plus it's been a while since we played and I gave away a anything.
So I'm perfectly clear it's got to be Revolution products not some homemade stuff and it's got to be attention getting footage and Revolution has your permission to use the clips..... So are you guys game
cause I know you all have some really cool video clips...... Ben

Are Revs under license from Revkites (like these ones:
http://www.polokites...evopolo-fr.html ) and their videos authorized to compete?Thanks a lot in advance.