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have i done/am i doing, the right thing?!!!

24 October 2011 - 11:58 AM

Hi All
Have just received brand new rev- A gorgeous b series, and had my first few attempts at something resembling 'flight!'
Had some success, but was hoping for a bit of advice on a couple of things..
Firstly ,after much deliberation, i decided to go for the vented rather than the standard b series and am wondering if i've chosen the wrong one!
I've been out in pretty gusty winds and have got the kite in the air ok, but am finding it 'dropping' quite a bit as if it's too heavy. My lines seem to be sagging a bit too.
I've watched quite a few films of the vented kites in winds that seem lighter than those i've been flying in, and these kites seem to be staying in the air pretty easily( i.e. the kite stays airborne without a lot of tugging at lines and the lines seem taut at all times..).
I've kept with the 4 wrap frame for the time being, but would i notice a big difference if i swapped to the included 3 wrap? Also, do vented kites need 20 mph+ to really perform properly? I think i went for the vented as i got the impression that it would be more precise than the standard and could still fly well in 10mph-ish winds.. Is this true?! And do you guys with more experience than me, think i've made the wrong decision in getting a vented b series??!! ( i can't get another kite- The wife would kill me!)
The other thing is a bit of an embarrassing one- Basically, i've always been a bit sketchy about the connection of the lines to the kite. I know this sounds a bit daft but the bottom/brake line connection has a long loop on the kite..Do i attach the lines to any point along this loop or to the knot at the bottom of the loop?!! Does it make a huge difference either way? Sorry for sounding so dim, but i couldn't see any clear guidance for a total newbie like me!
Any help would be appreciated- esp from any londoners who i might be able to join up with/ learn from. (looks like blackheath is the main place, although i've mostly been crashing my kite at richmond park).
Thanks a lot folks