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In Topic: have i done/am i doing, the right thing?!!!

29 November 2011 - 03:21 PM

It's in Maggie's folder rather than attached to the post!


Hi felix, Maggie, Ashley. Great to meet you all on sunday and thanks for all your help and advice. Was a tough wind and hope I didn't damage those 4 wrap spars of yours felix!
Hope to see you there again soon! Cheers

In Topic: have i done/am i doing, the right thing?!!!

25 October 2011 - 12:32 PM

Thanks, will try the 3 wrap and yes, i have the vertical spars in the right place I think! Will adjust lark's head as you suggest and see what happens..It was just confusing me as the loops on the bridle of my kite are v. Short at the top and v. Long at the bottom. But will try connecting to the knot of each with larks head and hopefully I'll be dazzling from there on!


The vented should fly well down to the lower teens (say 10-12 mph), and lower if you are skilled. If you are drooping, and if you have some confusion on the brake lines - well adding 2 + 2 and getting I don't know for sure ... but be sure you are attaching the lower (brake) lines correctly. The B series may have an included DVD that should show setups, as I remember - if you got the full deal with 2 sets of rods and handles.

There should be a short doubled bridle line with a knot, on the lower part of the bridle, just as on the top part. Lark's head the lines behind the knot in the bridle. Connecting the bottom lines is exactly like connecting the top lines, so I'm not sure what you are referring to.

Certainly try the 3 wrap rods if your kite is sagging. Unless the kite is pulling furiously, the 4 wrap are usually not called for. In 15 mph winds and up, the lines should be very straight, and the pull noticable.

One more item, you know the vertical spars go *behind* the kite, unlike duals which have the spreaders in front.

Don't know if this helps. Would certainly like to see what you are doing, since it should be very easy to sort out.

Unfortunately, without some help from other fliers, it may take some time to get a handle on controlling a quad. JB's tutorials on this site (or on Kitelife site?) should be helpful. Once you "get it", it is like riding a bicycle. You will wonder why it was so hard to pick up.

In Topic: have i done/am i doing, the right thing?!!!

25 October 2011 - 10:37 AM

Thanks so much to you all for such extensive and useful advice.Felix, I,ll try to make it along to blackheath on Sunday, and I,ll check out the links too.
Thanks again!