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Kite Winders

05 November 2011 - 04:15 PM

Is there a reason (good one that is) that most of the kite winders seem to be about 8" in length. I would think that one about 3 times the length ( i.e. 24") would not only be a lot faster in both winding & unwinding the lines, but it would also produce less twisting in the lines. Any ideas?

First Rev and had to go extreme!

12 October 2011 - 05:06 PM

Hello to all,

I used to fly 2-line stunt kites back in the 1980's and when I told my kids about them, they loved the idea. So, now we all have stunt kites. I have been using a ram-air quad 2.5 as I love the power. I just bought my first Rev and is it ever different. Never one to start slow, I went for the Shockwave. This thing is amazing - the sensitivity on the handles is totally different than the ram air kites. I have encountered a number of issues so far, but they have been answered researching this forum. Some of the issues were: best ways to wind/unwind lines; assembly/disassembly; keeping sand out of end caps as I fly at the beach. The videos as well as discussions have all been very helpful. I even found the video on how to even out the top and bottom lines!

For those with the Shockwave, does anyone else have a problem getting kite, line w/winder and handles into the bag that comes with it?

Also, I am in Ventura, Calif. Any Rev fliers this way?