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In Topic: Hello Philadelphia quad fliers! Need advice.

13 October 2011 - 10:08 AM

Thanks, everyone,

Just placed my order last night, 3-wrap and Race Rod upgrade (in a perhaps controversial move, went with the slightly smaller and less expensive B2 instead of the 1.5).

ahofer - I think that big flat area in Fairmont Park is also called "Belmont Plateau". Has one of the best views of the skyline in the city and was also recommended by a few others. I will definitely check it out and report back.

Aerochic - I got my 2-line from that kite shop in Cape May, but you're right they don't carry Revs. Very friendly folks, excellent customer service, 2 generation family-run business.

Also just learned a close relative is moving to DC, so now I've got an excuse to go visit the WOW crowd.

Hello, Dark Side... :sign_kitelife:

In Topic: Hello Philadelphia quad fliers! Need advice.

07 October 2011 - 06:50 AM

Thanks for the advice, everyone!

I'll most often fly solo - will use 80ft lines based on your recommendations.

Sounds like the non-vented/Standard would not be ideal for the beach, and the mid-vent/full-vent would be shaky inland (especially in Philly). Quite the dilemma...

Finally, I found a nice description of the race frame / race rods - posting here for posterity so future newbies like me can find it:

  • Race Rods are specifically designed to fit into the Revolution 1.5 SLE kite. The "Race Rods" have all the strength of the current production 3 Wrap "Ultra Light" rods but only weight about as much as the 2 wrap "Professional Use Only" rods. This is great for those who are looking for performance in light wind but are also stuck flying in areas that experience sudden gusts and wind shifts. The "Race Rods" will lighten up your 1.5 SLE for those light wind days but still work well for flying in stronger winds.
  • Specs:
  • 1/4 inch 3 wrap rods (Ultra Light) 19 grams
  • 1/4 inch 2 Wrap SUL (Professional Use Only) 13.5 grams
  • Race Rods 12.5 grams

In Topic: Hello Philadelphia quad fliers! Need advice.

06 October 2011 - 07:49 PM

Thanks for the quick reply!

I've flown dual-line kites, only at the beach. This will be my first quad. Saw some YouTube videos and was mesmerized - decided I had to have one. I'd love to be able to fly locally in Philadelphia - I hear Belmont Plateau and Pennypack Park aren't bad. I'd say flying down the shore is the higher priority (but it would be nice to fly locally). Don't know the answer to the line length question. My dual-line is a on 75ft lines. Sounds like 80-90ft and 120ft are common lengths for Revs?

I'm open to suggestions as to where to buy - was planning on shopping around online. I was counting on getting a B-series set with 2 frames specifically to take advantage of the wider wind range.

I keep hearing the term "Race Frame" but don't really know what that is - can you describe? On the 'Product' page, the B-series 1.5 looks like it comes with a 2-wrap and 3-wrap frame. The vented comes with a 3-wrap and 4-wrap.

Maybe one of these days I'll make it up to LSP - thanks for the invite!

Hi badkarma-

Welcome to the forum and the Rev Family.

I'm part of the "Jersey Crew". We generally fly at LSP (Liberty State Park) ... Exit 14B on the Jersey Turnpike. There are usually 3,4 or more flyers on any given day that we're flying; at the very least! Sometimes, we head to Belmar; especially after the summer is over. There are flyers in your area; though some come and "play" with us. Also, there's a really good flyer in Wildwood (his home turf). Though he's been busy lately, he's been starting to get back in his "Rev Groove". His name on the forum is Antman. If you plan on going there, post it and maybe he can join you. He's a good teacher, too.

As for your kite choice.... Do you have any quadline experience? Any dual line? Do you plan to fly more locally or by the water? What length lines do you plan to fly on? If you plan on staying inland more, I would go with a full sail to start. Where would you be buying the Rev from? Some B Series come with two frames. Do you know which ones you'd prefer? I would get a "Race Frame" and a three wrap. If they can do the Race Frame, it might cost a few $ more (not sure that it's a choice, but I highly recommend that).

If you plan on flying Belmar or LSP, post it on here and we'll try to join you.

Hope this helps.

Take care and have fun!