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All the gear no idea (well only a bit) - New Rev

07 October 2011 - 12:46 AM

Hi Everyone, so excited as I have just purchased a new Rev 'toy' and am planning on trying it out this weekend (in the UK so weather permitting). It's a B Series Pro (non vented) with a Race frame so am feeling a bit like a learner driver with a Ferrari but I am sure I'll be OK.
I've flown 2 line kites for years and have a couple of foils that are 4 line (Flexifoil Blade 4.9 and an unknown make 2.1m). Also owned but not really flown a Rev II for about 10 years. I never really got on with the Rev II, always seemed to have more fun with the 2 line Deltas but after visiting the Bristol kite festival this year I was inspired to give it another go. Had a blast but was really blown away by the bigger kites (wanted a Rev I originally but couldn't afford one) so I have taken the plunge. Was going to get a B after reading much on this forum but then saw the Pro on a well known auction site and gave it a go (brand new with genuine reason for sale). A week later and it's in my front room begging to be taken out.

Some observations that maybe you can help me clear up:

a) Weight - it's light ! I don't mean not heavy I mean really really light - I assume this is because the sail is made from some very thin 'crispy' material and the spas are so thin. All rods say 'Race' on them, I assume these are the ones that are basically the weight of 2 wrap but with the strength of 3 ? I am a bit worried how this material will stand up as it is much thinner than anything my other kites are made of.

B) Lines - have had to buy handles and lines separately, much more expensive than I was expecting but here now. I bought 80' but would like to try on 30' as I am off on vacation soon and figure there will be limited space to fly on the beach so short lines would be useful. Can I get by with 're-purposing' some of my 2 line delta lines into short 4's ? my old lines seem much more like string than the nylon stuff I have just bought (lazer).

c) Sale flap - the sale seems to have some 'give' in it, I was expecting it to be quite taught, is this right ? especially noticeable in the center where the 2 triangles meet

I'm working my way through the forum and you tube vids in anticipation for a few hours out tomorrow but any advice on the above or for my first flight appreciated.

Cheers all ....Tim