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In Topic: All the gear no idea (well only a bit) - New Rev

07 October 2011 - 03:05 PM

Thanks guys, I managed to get away from work so had an hour with the rev before it got too dark. Used my new lines and didn't crash too much, I'm ok with 4 lines so not too tricky keeping it in the air, accuracy however is different ! Appreciate the advice going to make dome 30' lines tomorrow but will practice with the longer ones for now,

Really pleased so far although a bit inconsistent (can I blame the wind ?)
It was a bit blustery and I am still surprised by how much noise the sail made, much looser than my Rev II

Going out again tomorrow for a 'proper' go, fingers crossed for decent wind and no rain.

I'm about 12 miles north of Bristol (uk) if there is anyone local I'd be keen to know where you fly and meet ?

Good winds to you.