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In Topic: Bristol kite festival 3/4 sept

16 September 2011 - 02:47 PM

Did you get one?


Had a -very- productive day at the festival. Bumped into Ben and had a good chat! Came away with a Barresi 1.5 vented. The wind on the Sunday was very variable and I didn't chance flying. Then several windless days at home and I was thinking it wasn't going to happen. Anyways last Wednesday I visited the local Otterspool Fliers and despite there being hardly anything at home it was blowing up a gale out on the Mersey riverfront. I decided right then that I wasn't going to chance any of my kites but spent an hour or two helping the folks there to chase their gear around the field. Someone mentioned that they were trying to get some of their inflatables aired out.

One of the guys was flying an extra-vented Rev and talked me into having a go! Amazing control low down but I lost it a couple of times up in the swifter air. Brain couldn't handle the speed that things moved at. Over compensating etc. Nothing serious but called it quits after a few near misses!

Tried today but wind died and the rain came along.

This week-end is the local Chester festival so another opportunity. More rain forcast though. Kite seems to be waterproof so just need some wind!

Saving for a full sail B1.5............ :rolleyes:


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05 September 2011 - 02:05 AM

What'd you learn at Bristol?

Well it's an amazing festival. Certainly the biggest and most varied I have been to.

Not so much Rev orientated as Portsmouth? e.g. There was a 40+(?) mega-fly at Portsmouth and not at Bristol. The Decorators gave a 6-person and 8-person display during the day. Carl Robertshaw gave a solo display using his new pattern Rev1 (I think I have this bit correct). btw-I do particularly like the patterns and available colours on this kite! Haven't seen any prices yet though. I don't think the variable wind conditions helped any of the fliers but they still gave brilliant displays.

I guess the biggest thing to learn is what an amazing spectacle a dedicated group of people can stage! They do it year by year for the joy of it and I have to give them my heartfelt gratitude for making it possible.

Apparently the Bristol Festival won't be on next year due to the London Olympics.

In Topic: New to Rev flying

05 September 2011 - 01:40 AM

Thanks for the replies :)

Number of interesting angles so I'll do my best!

I have been looking for a used Rev to learn on for a while now. My ebay bids haven't snared me a winner yet. Will probably buy a new EXP and pass it through the family once it has served its purpose. (Spreading the message!)

I know it's a personal view but some of the standard colourways don't exactly set me on fire. Hence my interest in a more high end Rev. But yes, it is putting the cart before the horse!

My trip to Bristol was very productive ;) Met up with Ben and I now have a full vented JB hanging on the wall behind me as I type this. The wind at Bristol was very variable but it's a flat calm at home at the moment. We're due some wind over the next week so it will get to fly pretty soon!

Jim, I live in Flintshire, so close to the English border that it could just as easily be in England! Most of the rest of North Wales is only 1 to 2 hrs away so it doesn't really matter. Lots of good flying beaches within the hour :)

In Topic: Bristol kite festival 3/4 sept

03 September 2011 - 05:31 AM

Hope to get there on Sunday.
Time to get a Rev! Which one seems a common topic Posted Image