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31 August 2011 - 04:37 AM

At last, I've finally registered on the forum after being around for a couple of years and here's my first post:

Having met everyone I just wanted to add my appreciation for a great weekend.

I had plenty of (mostly successful) flying in the Rev arena and it was great having the opportunity to fly with all of you as well as people calling in a multitude of languages: French, Spanish even English at times (although I'm not sure how far north you have to go until English turns into another language :matrix: )
The red face I have got is DEFINITELY from the sunny weather and not the momentary loss of concentration before the start of Saturday's Megateam Fly Posted Image .

I have also now seen how Sunday's 42 kite display looked to the rest of the world having been able to view Jonesey's great video (I tried not to be distracted this time, keeping my eye on the correct Red and Black kite,
especially when Steven H told everyone to look at the "boxed 20" "Kodak" moment in front of us. I maintained this "call" was for the to the crowd behind rather than flyers Posted Image ).

So, only another year till the next Portsmouth event but there is still this weekend to come and I hope to see some of you at Bristol in Ashton Court..

Thanks to All,

.... Deryk