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In Topic: iQuad DVD - Vol 1 - 2008

30 September 2011 - 05:01 PM

iQuad video 2011 FTW!

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30 July 2011 - 06:02 AM

Just to inform those who may not have noticed, there is one error and one update that I have already notified Mike of and he has said will be in the new version. =)

For the 6-kite Compound Benefits, at Step #6 where they do the 180deg turns, it shows Kite #2 and #5 turning 180deg upwards.
-According to Mike's theory in the last few pages on calculations on which way to turn during the 180deg turns, kite #2 and #5 be turning downwards instead. In the Team Animations on the Revkites website they turn downwards as well.

For the Blender, he states that in a 6-kite formation, Kite #3 and #4 should not swap. However, in the Revkites Team Animations Blender-6, the middle 2 kites #3 and #4 swap as well, just that they turn 180deg up instead of down.
-Mike has said that in the old days, the middle kites do not swap, but nowadays most people do. So feel free to swap!

Hope this helps! =)