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07 August 2011 - 01:13 AM

Hi Ross,

I am in Aberdeenshire not far from Montrose, have been flying the 1.5 SLE for a few months now in many different conditions.
I purchased the unit with two frames the SLE Leading edge spars which are bullet proof and the 3 wrap.

Started with the heavy frame, then one day chaged to the lighter frame and it transformed the kite and my flying abillity!.
Just had 5 weeks away in France flying in many different conditions but with plenty sun Posted Image

Unfortunately broke the centre spar on the light frame, which made me practice and overcome the hurdles of light wind flying and having to work hard to keep the kite in the air.

This was great training I now feel more confident with the kite and now hovers even inverted are done with confidence no matter what the conditions are.

Have just arrived home to a full race frame awaiting at my door, can't wait till tomorrow and i'm out.

OK Montrose beach is not a touch on Narbonne Plage on the French Mediteranian coast but what the heck the wind will be on my back and a rev in my hands Posted Image

Keep in touch maybe we can meet up?

Take Care


hI terry nice to hear that there are rev fliers closer to home dont have mine yet will have it by october hopefully yeah maybe could meet up one day only problem is i dont have a rev got an ozone flow and a hq bolero eruption so could bring thoose it gets so boring flying on your own lol itd be nice to fly with some one else for a change maybe see you out there soon

In Topic: hello and thanx for reading

25 July 2011 - 02:07 PM

Hi Ross,
Its great to hear of another rev flier in Scotland. Which part of Scotland are you from? My first revolution was an EXP. It took everything I threw at it and served my son as he learned. It still has a place in my kite bag.

hi fusion im from the dundee area i was looking at the 1.5 sle even stronger acording to revolution website