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In Topic: Coloring / Personalizing my white Zen

25 January 2012 - 01:11 PM

We should stay in touch. I have a buddy living in Germantown near Great Seneca and Metheny. We come up to see him occaisionally. Kitesquid????........ Is he retired or active duty? I'm a retired C.P.O. (MAC) I don't want to blow up my house, I ust want to add some color to a white kite. I'm intrigued though.... email: jwdenni@cox.net Let me know.


Tomcat, send me a personal email if you want KiteSquid's address. He's a detail-oriented kind of guy and can give you the total formula and a materials list if you want to try this colorization method. I've flown this no-sew, single skinned product over 3 thousand hours without failure. The dying process is painfully slow and dare I say potentially dangerous (significant respirator, goggles, gloves) but it is absolutely permanent, the photo doesn't do it justice! These knockoffs are what we flew before Revolution made an excellent low wind kite commercially available to the lazy kite building community. There are a whole bunch of retired Pfaff sewing machine owners in the DC metro area since Bazzer and Shook came on board with custom pros, Zen and masterpieces.

In Topic: Treasure Island Florida to my rescue......

19 January 2012 - 02:41 AM

Ben, did you notice the guy from Virginia (Directly above my post...Oyepitsme) at TI? Scott Huffman. He took first place in two four line categories flying (I think) a speed series. He's amazing. The guy picked up his first set of handles in September 2011. He's been flying less than five months and took two first place spots. This guy can be something special. I've been into Rev's since I was stationed in San Diego back n the 90's and I can't do what he does. As I'm one of only three or four Rev fliers in this area, I thought Scott was worth pointing out to you guys o the left coast.

Jim Dennison, Virginia Beach