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Best Set up for Street.

26 June 2011 - 04:31 PM

Hail to all!! I'm new to the Forum, and in a way... New to Rev flying..... sorta.. I have a Back Tracker. Which I was never able to get to fly very well. It would fly fine for a few minutes, and the out of nowhere, it would just go nuts, and fall out of the sky. So that kite has pretty much just sat around for the last... almost 20 yrs?? Wow.. has it been that long?! I bought a Rev Supersonic Right before I got out of the Navy in '07. Because I was headed back to MT, and knew that I was really only going to have high wind conditions to fly it. They guy I bought the kite from said it was a good high wind kite.. Yeah.... It does ok, but not so much. Fun for pull and speed. But hard to manage when I have winds averaging 16-20mph, and gusting to the point I fear the kite will snap. In those winds, you can't really do much of anything but anything by way of tricks. Then I got into falconry, and got into a job that had me working a ton of hrs. So in between those two things, the Sonic never really got flown much either. I just ordered a B-1.5 Full-Vented in the hopes that I will have a little more fun with the kite with my area. To break it down. I have two Revs that never really got flown, and a third on the way that I'm hoping will break me out of the "dry" spell that I've been in for so many year

So the question I'm trying to get at here is: Is there something of a common consensus as to what the best urban/street kite set up would be? I have an aircraft hangar with plenty of space for indoor flying and there are times when I'm out and about when there is little or no wind, and it would be fun to just fly a kite right in town, as I have seen so many videos of you guys doing. I WANNA PLAY TOO!!!!! So whats the best set up?? Can I do it with a B-1.5?

Montana, Big Sky Country.

25 June 2011 - 09:37 PM

Hail to all! I've started this Thread Topic for kite fliers in Montana. If there are any fliers out there who know of good places to fly in the state of Montana, please post here.

It would be nice to organize some meets, and with Great Falls being one of the windiest cities in the country, there is no reason for people NOT to come and fly in Big Sky Country.

Look forward to meeting fellow fliers!!