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Blast vs. Shockwave/Supersonic?

31 July 2011 - 08:46 AM

I have some 1.5 kites which are great, but I'm dying to get a speed series kite, or Blast. I understand that the Supersonic is a smaller version of the Shockwave. But looking at photos of the Blast and speed series, it's hard to see what the difference is. They have the same shape, frame layout, etc.

I would like something that can pull hard without fear of breaking spars or stretching the sail out (ie. not a 1.5 series kite). And something fast! Can anyone enlighten me as to the difference between the Blast and the speed series kites? Does the Blast have the speed of the speed series (if not, why wouldn't it?) No local rev flyers around here unfortunately (Western MA), so I can't test drive...