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In Topic: Blast vs. Shockwave/Supersonic?

01 August 2011 - 12:58 PM

Sorry, don't have a good knowledge of the Speed or power kites, so we'll wait for others to jump in, but I don't think the Shockwave or Supersonic are different sizes!! Different performance parameters, but I believe the size is the same!! The Blast is a bit bigger yet! I would suggest you check out the product line on the home page and make some notes on the different models, size, speeds, wind ranges, etc, etc....!! All good basic info!!! Should help you at least get an idea!!!

Oh yes, believe me, I have looked at the info pages! I knew I could count on the forum membership to make that correction! ( lest I seem petty!Posted Image)

Thanks for the info everyone. I think I will go with the Supersonic(unless I find a really good deal on a blast or shockwave!). Is there anybody that prefers the Shockwave?

I already have a 1.5B standard, which is great. Then I went on to get a 1.5B full-vent 'black rainbow', because I was afraid of a situation where the wind would be strong, but I would be afraid to fly my standard sail for fear of breaking spars and whatnot. Probably should have got a midvent, because the times I have tried to use the full-vent, it's very slow, and I can barely get it in the air. Still waiting for that really strong wind...

Anyways, I'm sure I keep buying kites in the future, but one of the double-vertical spar Rev kites seems like something I need to have asap!

Thanks for the thorough review, Kent,
And FortFlyer, I will take you up on the invite. I noticed you are the only other MA kiter on the member map!


In Topic: Got Rev Fever!

23 June 2011 - 02:48 PM

I just got my first kite, a 1.5B standard. I am also inland, with the same wind problems. The first day I took the full sail out was right after a once-in-a-lifetime Massachusetts tornado, and a 30+ mph wind gust took out a vertical spar and end cap mid air. Fortunately that was all the damage. We went to the coast and the full sail was great. I do suspect that the vented kites are smoother (having never flown one), but I like the full sail.(I'm sure I will get a vented kite as soon as I can 'justify' it) We got 2x 1.5 standard kites, so I have a total of 2 3-wrap frames, 1 2-wrap, and 1 4-wrap frame, with the idea that we would be ready for any condition. One thing I have found is that less then 3 mph wind is impossible to do anything with! (With my limited experience of course)

You might want to check out Kite Connection, that have some custom Icarex 1.5 kites (same fabric as B series) and other custom colors (ie. black rainbow) (not to knock any of the other fine dealers!). Looking back, a standard 1.5 kite would have been just fine, and I wouldn't have to be so worried about 'stretching out the sail' of the primo B series kite by putting a 4-wrap frame in and flying in high winds. I really liked the color scheme I got in the 1.5B, that was the clincher (discontinued teal/black)