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Reframing a Rev1

25 April 2012 - 10:48 PM

I recently picked up a Rev 1 Segwick on ebay at a good price - not sure the seller knew excactly what he was selling as he didn't describe it as a Rev1 nor a Segwick (just a "Rev") and the pictures had the verticals on the wrong side.

I am looking to carry out some budget re-framing of the LE and seek some advice/suggestions/experience as to the "best" combination that retains the pair of 1/4inch 4-wraps that are currently in the verticals.

I was thinking of either:

a - 4 wrap centre with 3 wrap outer spars and the keeping the 4 wrap verticals - which gives me the option of a complete 4 wrap LE (with 3 wrap verticals)


b - a complete 3 wrap LE (retaining the 4 wraps in the verticals)

Your thoughts would be appreciated.