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Lost a small rubber bit - not sure what its called

15 June 2011 - 10:00 AM

Hi guys

Was flying my SLE yesterday evening (rather watching son - and now wife who is muscling in) and I have lost a small rubber ring type thing that connects one of the strut caps (according to manual that's what it's called) to the leading edge - so that shaft now extends beyond the leading edge by a centimetre.

Apologies for the dodgy terminology I'm using - is it ok to fix this by tying (currently botched it just to keep flying) it or if not - where do I find these things?

Cheers all

Jon :-)

My son stole my Rev!

12 June 2011 - 02:16 AM

Well thanks to the guys at Dunstable Downs for getting me hooked!

Now they have another victim!

With my first flight lesson under my belt last weekend - I cant get my rev out of my head! I managed to sneak up in the week and with the knowledge that it was going to rain today went to the downs again yesterday for the afternoon/evening..

So after an hour on his Prism Quantum my son Charlie, 8, asked for a go on My new 1.5 SLE.

After a minute of standing behind him, guiding him, he brushed me off and that was it! He did better than my first time and now I appear to have lost my Rev!!

Ahh well it's fathers day next weekend so I'll be emptying his piggy bank and getting my self a vented B!!

Nobody me it would be this addictive!!

Here's some pics and a video of his first flight Charlies first Rev flight

Cheers all :-)


Anyone else suffered a similar fate?

Just ordered a 1.5 SLE have I done the right thing?

02 June 2011 - 01:00 AM

Hi guys

This is my first post so please excuse my obvious naivety when it comes to Revs.

Basically I have been forced to give up power kiting due to a very dodgy ankle - so my Peter Lynn Twister 2 5.6 is being sensibly retired.

So I was out with my son flying his stunt kite last weekend and we met a cool guy who showed us his Rev in action and gave us a demo and explained all about it. We were amazed - I've never seen anything like it! Anyway - you know the rest - I looked around (probably not enough) and ordered a 1.5 SLE the other day - in a desperate rush to get my hands on one before the coming weekend.

Now I guess I'm just looking for reassurance - as I see everyone in the forum praising the B series and thinking maybe I should have gone for that instead?

I'll probably have a full quiver by the end of the year - but meanwhile do you guys reckon that the 1.5 SLE is a reasonable first time Rev?

Thanks in advance for any reassurance

Jon :-)