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New Guy with a Zen

17 May 2011 - 10:13 PM

I just wanted to share my initial Zen experience from a beginner's point of view. I started with a B series full sail and was frustrated with frequent low wind conditions, so I read everything I could about the Zen and other light wind alternatives. I finally just went for it and ordered one. I could not be more thrilled. It is a completely different kite than the b series. When I fly it, everything seems to slow down and I am at peace, similar to cross county skiing when you are just kicking and gliding, in the zone. It is so graceful and precise. It seems to just float, searching for any puff of wind to give it lift. Having said all that, light wind flying does seem to require lots of practice, as this beauty does not totally fly itself. I also find that I appreciate my b series even more, flying it after the Zen, as it feels like a sports car. So, if there are other newbies wondering if they are ready for or deserve a Zen, I would say yes and yes. Don't buy it for simply for the light wind qualities, but buy it for the whole Zen experience. In these times, when none of us know if today is our last, eat your dessert first, move one step closer to Nirvana, and get that Zen.

New Rev addict

25 April 2011 - 10:29 PM

Hi Rev folk,
I have been reading this forum for months and figured I better just join and get involved. I am very new to Rev flying and, really, controllable kiting in general. I live just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah and had the opportunity to see I quad at the Antelope Island kite fest last August. Prior to that I had only flown single line kites with the kids. On the last day of the fest I purchased a 2 line kite on a whim and the addiction process started. I accumulated multiple 2 line kites for different wind conditions and flight characteristics. I was somewhat intimidated by 4 line kites but, again on a whim, decided to jump in deep by obtaining a full sail B for myself, based on all of your good recommendations, and a 2-4 powerblast for my son. Wow, what incredible kites these are. Now I just want to fly as much as possible. We have tricky wind around here, which has made it challenging. Also I have a wife who does not understand the kiting fascination, nor the cost required to experience it to it's fullest. Well, she recently just went out and bought a new car without clearing it with me, because her car had a dead mouse somewhere inside, which we could not find, and smelled like it. She did not like my recommendation to just wait until the mouse fully decayed. I felt that this action should give me several kite tickets, right? So, probably prematurely, I ordered to Zen to help me deal with all the low wind conditions we have locally. I hope that was a good decision. It does feel right. I was flying in 16-18 mph wind about a week ago and noticed that it was stressing my full sail b a bit. So, now I feel I also need a full vent at some point. Another great idea, right? Anyway, I wanted to thank you all for freely sharing your experiences and recommendations. This is such a cool forum and a unique community. People from across the globe sharing one passion. Also, thanks to I quad for coming to Utah. I have yet to meet another active Rev flyer in my area, but I suspect they are around.

I do have a question regarding line length. I currently have 2 sets of 90 lb 80 ft. and a 200 lb 100 ft for my son's powerblast, which he is kind of possessive with. Are the 120 ft. lengths just primarily for team flying or are there additional benefits and are the shorter lengths just to accommodate smaller fields or are there also additional flight benefits?

Cheers from the beehive state,