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Rev Maintenance Log

05 January 2014 - 02:14 PM

Welcome everyone to 2014!

January 2nd, I noticed that I had finally worn holes through the wear strips, and through to the sail of my STD sail Forest Fade B-Pro. While this kite is still fully flyable, I am going to replace it soon (I have decided to use it as my "festival" kite henceforth).

I have kept logs on flight time and maintenance on all my 'Pros. Here's some relevant data regarding maintenance on the STD:
Flight time: 553 hours
Bungee adjustment/tightening: 50, 174, 307, 404 hours
Bridle center loop replaced: 307 hours
Leading Edge mesh holes discovered: 368 hours
Bridle replaced: 404 hours

On a quick, separate note, I've been replacing my handle's adjustable leaders around 400 hours.

Keep in mind that I generally fly horrendously underpowered, and I'm constantly abusing my Rev on all the juicy tricks- axels, flic-flacs, 3D, etc.
Also and again, this sail is still air-worthy, for awhile anyways... At 553 hours, there are 4 inch+ long tears in the LE mesh (and 2 smaller tears), the wear strip has holes in a few places on each side, and the holes in the sail are bound to keep spreading, unless I fix it soon. In all actuality it will be the LE tears that finally 'ground it, and while the mesh is replaceable/fixable, the wear strips seem like too much effort to fix... need to check into it...

I really thought the LE material would be just hammered by now, but it is holding up beautifully. Haven't had to burn not one loose thread ever! I also figured all the bungee holes would be looking stretched out and ragged, but I'm happy to say that they aren't stretched out much at all. The bungee material itself is also holding up well. All my endcaps look used, but with no cracks, they haven't needed replacing.

The overall point for keeping the log is to check my return on investment. I'm happy to say that, so far, it's costing me about $.60 per hour to utterly enjoy myself with this kite!! That's 60 cents per hour! And it's still flying :D

To Bazzer, my friends at Revolution, and all the employees there- Thanks for building such an outstanding, quality-minded product!