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#81548 what size sleeve

Posted by SkyPuppet on 01 July 2011 - 11:51 AM

On my unsleeved lines I knot a small bead on the end of the loop. It makes it easy to pull out the knot.

I like having a tab to pull as well, especially on 50#!
I have found that its easier to tie decent-sized loops at the ends, get everything equalized, and then larks head little loops onto that:

Posted Image

Then Larks head these onto your double overhand loops:

Posted Image

That way, you don't have to worry about getting the knot for the tab AND the loops equalized, just the loops, and the tabs don't have to be completely identical in length either.

Hope this helps ;)

#81312 Kite Staking

Posted by SkyPuppet on 24 June 2011 - 10:49 AM

In the Dogstake - Kymera vid, the dogstake actually looks, um.... responsive :)

Wicked cool

#80858 Visual Cues - Or Lack Thereof

Posted by SkyPuppet on 12 June 2011 - 11:58 AM

Ahhh, what a fantastic day to fly:
Anyways, my girlfriend was out flying with me today :blue_wink:. She kindly :kid_brooding: pointed out that my bicycle spins were sloppy when I was flying with nothing but sky behind the Rev. She also lovingly :kid_brooding: told me that my side slides were flying at angles and horizontal flight in general had too much, um, verticalness to it, when I had no visual cues to help me align the Rev up to. I bravely ;) kept my mouth shut, after all, she had never flown a sport kite until she met me.
She was absolutely correct. :blushing:
As soon as I flew low enough to line up to a light pole, tree, fence, or to the horizon, I was keeping much straighter horizontal slides, and my bicycle spins were much tighter with less drift in any direction.
Unfortunately, Las Vegas is blessed with plenty of days that feature zero clouds in the sky. Does anyone have a tip for keeping the flying clean when you have no visual cues to align to?
Conversely, does anyone have a favorite visual cue or cues they like to use when flying?

#80732 Advice for a newcomer please

Posted by SkyPuppet on 07 June 2011 - 07:25 PM

Hello there!

The B-Series 1.5 is a great choice!
I personally wouldn't fly a 4 wrap frame with my full-sail 1.5 B, when the wind picks up that much I tend to reach for my vented 1.5 rather than a stronger frame. I wouldn't buy the 4 wrap frame just to have it, stacking the 2 and 3 wrap frames should suffice. As a new Rev flier, be careful with flying the 2 wrap frame, naturally, until you are comfortable with landing the kite upright in all sorts of wind conditions. Reason being, I landed upright too hard a few times and found my vertical spars were cracking near the sail tips. Practice landing inverted early on. If you land inverted, the leading edge is very strong, even on a 2 wrap frame, so long as you don't put it down on a rock or something. After landing inverted, if you walk forward far enough your Rev will lay down on its back in a position that is even more impossible to launch from than being inverted - perfect when its time to pack up and go home.

If you've never had to deal with quad line management before, take some time to read up on some of the topics posted regarding it. Pick one of the styles, and use it religiously! Seriously, all the styles of line management work, just follow through and handle your lines the same way everytime you fly. Make it a habit. Setup and take-down go so much faster and smoother.

Get used to MORE brake. Since you are getting a B-Series, your handles will have adjustable pigtail leaders that help you dial in more brake. Use them! When you first start flying the Rev, you might want to leave the adjustment neutral (no excess brake or acceleration), till your comfortable keeping the Rev in the air. Once you are though, take yourself out of that comfort zone for maybe a half-hour every time you fly, and dial in extra brake on your handles. Keep progressively adding more brake as your skill increases!

Read through this forum! Sooo much good info.....

Hope it helps :)

#80481 Axel tips?

Posted by SkyPuppet on 28 May 2011 - 08:01 AM

Semantics again... My bad ;)

My "big pull" doesn't have the follow through the term "pull" denotes, I guess I just don't like the term "big yank" lol.

Big tug? Hard pop? :) :lol:

My follow through has my arms following the motion of the kite as it rotates through the axel, partially in an effort to keep the lines slack, so I'm good there. I haven't even tried for the multiple axel yet, I keep getting hypnotized by the first axel, and miss my window for the second pop on the active line.

Thanks, as always, for the help :)