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#79167 Michigan skies: Let the revolution begin

Posted by Gravitychecker on 06 April 2011 - 07:45 PM

Greetings all! After I ordered my first Revolution kite, a Rev1.5 SLE, (Thank you Corey at WindPower Sports) I started lurking in this forum. My only kite experience was with a two-line. All the talk of frames, vent vs. no vent, weights, line length...ARGH! I was intimidated. The kite arrived and I went to a park. Karma spoke and alas, not much wind. Of course, this was with the SLE. I wasn't sure what was up so I initially started with that. Two different days with dismal results. I came back to the forum to learn...and sulk. Two days later, after checking wind conditions at usairnet.com, I knew that today this bad boy would see some altitude. I put in the SUL. Wow. I am an enthusiastic member of the dark side! After I dropped my 2 line bad habits I had a blast. I must say, these kites are tough! It still cracks me up that I could hear that baby WHUMP into the ground over my iPod. I did split a washer on the bungee for the left spar but Superglue got me back in the air. So much to learn and it's gonna be a real joy to "go to school". A big shout out to usairnet.com for wind reports, to Google satellite maps for helping me find a great local place to fly, to Revolution for making such a wonderful product and to the members of this forum, for being SO generous with your advice and help. We may never meet but I sure feel like I have a whole new bunch of friends. If more people were hipped to the joys of kiting, I think the number of prescriptions for Zoloft and Paxil would drop dramatically. May your winds be steady and your hearts be joyful. P.S. If I can learn to fly in these GUSTY Michigan winds, nothing can stop me.