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30 April 2011 - 05:45 AM

Thanks for the great advice. Jeepster, that was what I eventually did; I focused on one line at a time and it did work. Pete, the idea of simply asking for help is a GREAT idea and it didn't cross my mind. I have found that kids just love to watch my kite and I'm sure there would have been many volunteers. I also need to keep my area awareness sharp and not get focused too hard on just the kite. But it's just so darn purty!!! My dad always told me to learn something new and at 52, I know my father would be proud of me. Thanks again every one for your advice. Ooooooo....usairnet.com says wind today!!! May your skies be blue and your Revolution full. Peace.

In Topic: Michigan skies: Let the revolution begin

08 April 2011 - 02:39 PM

Pete, thanks for the tip: I am now on the member map. Click on my location and you can almost smell the cereal being made. Got those hands bicycling today. It sure is beautiful watching that Rev SLOWLY turn a 360. It certainly takes more exaggerated moves the slower it spins. What a hoot! 3 hours later I figured I better go home. I did have a township officer watch me from his patrol car for a short time. Must be there aren't any warrants out for me. Whew!

My mistake; I thought I read somewhere that iQuad WOULD be at Grand Haven this year. I hope they make it. I'll look for a yellow hat.

In Topic: Michigan skies: Let the revolution begin

07 April 2011 - 05:11 PM

Pete, I'm in Battle Creek, born and raised. I fly at the school I went to. Quite large and open. The kids are on spring break. I will have to make it evening flights until school closes for the summer. I wouldn't want security to think I should be in class instead of flying "that contraption". "Course, one look at all the grey hair and that concern would be out the window ;)

Jeepster, I would love to attend the festival in Grand Haven. Actually, I wonder if I could get the iQuad team to all sign my kite? Oh my, 52 and now I'm a groupie.

Thanks for the awesome advice, all of you. May your wind be steady and your Rev full.