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My new Rev bag for traveling light?

15 April 2012 - 12:14 PM

I've been considering getting a dedicated Rev bag to take the strain off my full-length dual-line kite bag, but I didn't want another big bag to carry around. The things you carry tend to expand to fit the bags that you have to carry them in. I was in a sporting goods store looking at yoga mat bags (almost long enough for a Rev 1.5, but not enough pocket space) when I had a quick look in the hunting section, where I found this:

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It's a case for an assault rifle, and it happens to be exactly the length of a folded-up Rev 1.5. I had to get it when I realized that the magazine pockets on the outside were exactly the right size for linesets (and there were five, which is exactly the number of quad linesets I own). There's one other velcro pocket that's got room for maybe two pairs of handles and a few stakes and other small things. There's a back strap on the other side, so I can throw it across my back while I carry the 2-line bag on my shoulder. It's well-padded on the inside, too.

The only problem is that it's a snug fit for the kites. I currently have two B1.5's and a small sleeve with the spare frames, and I'm planning on buying one more 1.5 (so I'll have a full sail, mid vent, and full vent). Even with just the two kites and frame bag, it's a bit snug because the bag doesn't bulge; it's intended to be flat around the rifle (as you can see from the third picture). Those (very durable and protective) B-series sleeves take up a good bit of space. I suppose the kites will be ok squeezed in there, because that's how most people's overloaded kite bags look, but of course I won't risk $1,000 in kites over a $35 bag. Thus I've left the tags on because I'm considering returning it and phoning for a proper (but light-travel) kite bag with ample space, but I thought you folks would get a kick out of this. It's not nearly enough space for the true addicts, but might be good to bring just a few kites on a trip or if you're like me and want to try to limit the amount of money you spend on kites. :-)

I got a funny look from the cashier on the way out. I had brought one Rev in with the Red B-series sleeve to judge the size of the bag, and when I went to check out, I put the gun bag and the kite on the counter. While I was going for my wallet, the cashier scanned the gun bag and flipped over the kite sleeve looking for a barcode. Of course on the other side of the sleeve it says "REVOLUTION." I said "no, that's mine" and only then realized that I was buying an assault rifle case while carrying something long and thin that said "Revolution" on it. I may be on an FBI watch list now. :-)