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In Topic: Lolly,per phone conv.

16 February 2011 - 10:41 AM

I new from my first look at the forum that you all of you would help, seems like this is a brother/sister hood group ,,,IREALLY like that aspect all for one and one for all . I guess I will have to subscribe to KITE LIFE. THANKS|||I think . I am about to leave for Tuscon AZ. so will be out of computer range for a few days ,but a BIG THANKS for your help so far and looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.jimt

In Topic: Lolly,per phone conv.

15 February 2011 - 03:40 PM

Hi BEN or who ever answers, I see the site you said to click on but can not down load???,as I said befor I am not good with computers,,some how I dont get it??. what do I do?. thanks again for your patients jimt.