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Understanding lines and handles

01 February 2011 - 01:14 AM

Ok- this post is about me trying to understand the effects of lines and handles in low wind... Today I was flying my rev1 when the wind died out, just for giggles I took my rev off the lines and hooked up a flexifoil bullet 3.5mtr foil , it flew like a charm with tons of pull.

I've flown the foil lots of times and I would have had to work really hard to keep it up in such light wind on it's factory lines and handles (about 15 inch plastic) - the only difference being 8 inch rev handles and slightly lighter lines!

Can anyone shine some light on this?

Where do I buy spars from?

09 December 2010 - 02:29 AM

Hi all!

Look , I know I'm going to be told to pop down to my local rev retailer and get some from the folks there but...

I live in new zealand - it a 4 hour international flight to anywhere from here! If any retailers are reading this and would like to help this kiwi to no longer be flightless I would be grateful

here is a list of things that can be use as spars if you are on a small southern ocean island with out parts...
8mm Ali tube ( just don't!)
Bamboo( better than you would think)
Carbon fibre fishing rod blanks ( you can choose you own amount of wraps)
Wooden dowel ( now THIS teaches you how to land soft!)
Fiberglass fence standards ( if you hold the brakes in just the right place it will osolate at about 100hz)
Car aerials ( for vert spars only- but they do pack down by themselves if you reverse into the ground)
Plywood ( needs a bit of wind)
Plastic electrical conduit

So please sell me some spars so I can stop abusing this poor old rev 1

Cheers mike

Anybody in new Zealand flying revs?

30 November 2010 - 11:47 AM

GDay! I'm in Hamilton, Waikato with my rev 1( in shocking pink.... 90s colour schemes.... What were they thinking???) anybody else around here keen to fly?