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Bridle stretch

30 October 2013 - 12:35 PM

Anyone ever experienced bridle stretch on their xtra vent.? I have a strange situation where lines seem equal when checked and fly true across several different sails,  but on my X Vent  seem slightly out (enough to have to  make an adjustment on bottom leader to fine tune). I have flown the X V in winds upto 30. I wonder if it is possible to get significant bridle stretch to notice a discrepancy, or is that impossible due to the short amount of bridle line involved.   Could this be a perceived effect  due to other factors.  Just thought I would put this out there before replacing the bridle.

no snag leaders

27 October 2013 - 12:05 AM

Hey guys .  After only having 1 set of no snag handles for the last few years ish ( on my 50ft line set )  I am finally  now totally converted to their superiority, at least on any set up under 80ft ( plenty of time to unsnag on long lines ).  So I am now changing all my short lines over to no snag. Since I like to my handles attached this means a lot of new handles and time spent making up new top leaders.

Anyhow to the point!

Just checking that you guys are running  slightly shorter top leaders on the Rev factory made no snag handles due to the shorter stock ( no need to replace these ) bottom leaders,  and the slightly different angle of bend on the handles. Not being top of the class at math and geometry my workings end up with shorter top leaders for the same amount of brake.

I have tried the set up flying with one no snag and one standard handle on and it seems to work fine.  Of course  I may be automatically compensating for the differential,   hence the question and me checking with guys and girls .  Shorter top leaders on no snag handles........ Fanks for reading now im off to a green and muddy field...........