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Annual DPI weekend July 29,30,31st

27 July 2011 - 06:33 AM

Hello all, Many of you may not know but this weekend is DPI weekend (Discover Presque Isle) in Erie, PA. This is one of the largest kite gatherings in PA for the year. Lots of rev stacks and good winds. This will be a 20th anniversary gathering of the Fly Pittsburgh Kite Club as well as an allways enjoyed fly with Lee Sedgwick and the Erie flyers. If anyone on the "west coast" would like to attend, the cost is free, and i can help with any arrangments you may need.

Rev History

20 July 2011 - 08:30 AM

Does anyone know if there is an actual basic listing or post of when and what kites and rods, handles,etc.. were released from Revolution? Can anyone comment on the following to say this is a pretty close list and add to it or remove from it?

- 1988 Neos Omega
- 1989 Revolution I
- 1990 Revolution II
- 1995 Revolution 1.5
- 1998 Revolution 1.5 SLE
- 2006 Revolution I vented
- 2009 REV 1.5 John Barresi_Pro
- 2010 ZEN
- ???? Indoor Rev
- ???? Revolution 1.5 SUL
- 2011 Revolution B2
- ???? Lee Sedgwick Signature
- ???? Rev Blast
- ???? Revolution 1.5 John Barresi Signature

Zen v.s. 1.5sul

19 July 2011 - 12:15 PM

can anyone comment if they have ever compared the 1.5 super ultra light with a Zen? I have a Zen and the two things i notice while flying are its size and weight. When trying to do 360's in 0-3mph winds it is real easy to keep hitting the ground with the tip unless you get the zen up higher due to its size and when weighing the zen it almost weighs in at 9 ounces with frame which is much heavier than b series with race at 7 ounces or indoor rev at 6 ounces which sounds a bit weird given this being the ultimate light wind kite. One thing that i am learning is when flying the zen in 0-3 mph winds and wind is constantly changing directions, it seems that the added weight could be to an advantage over somehing so lightweight as the indoor in helping hold momentum until the wind direction shifts again. Please correct me if i am wrong. Can anyone comment on the 1.5 super ultra light possibly being a better choice over the Zen or what anyone thinks about the 1.5 super ultra light comparing to a 1.5 B series with race rods? I know the bridle weight is diffrent, but what else would give the super ultra light the advantage over these two other kites. In anyones other opinion, has the Zen become the newer and better choice for 0-3 mph flying or is there still a place to have a super ultra light in your bag? Dealers are welcome. Thanks!

older 1.5 v.s. B series sail material help...

11 July 2011 - 07:04 AM

Can anyone tell me what the diffrence is in the sail material of a 1.5 SLE over a 1.5 B series? My 1.5 SLE that i am speaking of is older and came with a 3 wrap "gold" frame in it instead of a newer 1.5 SLE w/ SLE leading edge and when i compare the two kites sitting side by side, besides the fancy stitching on the B series, they seem like the exact same materials. They even weigh the exact same. Trying to futher my light wind quest.....thanks for any input.

Zen, 1.5 SUL, and Indoor Rev...thoughts???

07 June 2011 - 03:58 PM

Can anyone put some thoughts on a comparison of the Zen, 1.5 super ultra light, and the indoor rev. Went out the other day on some very poor winds and broke out the b series with race rods and 75' lines. Couldnt get it to fly very well. Broke out the zen on the same lines. Flew it a bit but seemed like still too much line. Changet to 30' lines and flew the zen for about 15 mins and was burned out on trying to keep it up in the air. Now i am wondering if i would have been better off with a 1.5 sul or even an indoor flown outdoors. Getting another rev is never a bad thing but i want to be prepared for the good days and the bad days. Not just sitting on the sidelines. Should I be more concerned with technique than another kite choice? I do the gain ground loose ground technique but the dual liners were simply eating me up in the light winds.....thanks for any advice...