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Reviving a Rev 1 from early 90s

28 September 2010 - 12:55 AM

I recently took my blue and yellow Rev 1 from c. 1992 to Liberty State Park. I haven't flown it in 15 years or so; I think I assembled it properly (spars on back, black lines at bottom), but I couldn't keep it in the air. Most times it would go up a bit and u turn into the ground. A couple of times I got some alt and the kite flew over the top and glided forward upside down to crash with slack lines ( in fairly steady 10 mph wind).

I used to be able to fly passably and the line pairs seem to be ok length wise. I think I may have forgotten the mechanics of which way to tilt wrists; but I have lost directions and was puzzled by my lack of success.

Any advice appreciated.