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#83131 Headed To WSIKF with a full bag and a bad attitude....

Posted by beach on 21 August 2011 - 10:31 PM

Well it's been a great week up here and all the fliers did a great job, each day the sky was greater than the day before and the single line guys really gave all
of us a great back drop to fly in for sure..... :blue-cool: Then you add the Rev Riders, Island Quad, and iQuad it was almost surreal the flying I watched, then when it
all went indoors it just kept getting better...... I can say for sure that the Rev lesson field brought some new blood to the sport cause people were lining up
all week after they got to see everyone showing there stuff, so thank you one and all and my hats off to you all cause the show was great..... :blue-cool: So I'm
waiting in town for a day and I'll be headed out tomorrow cause I got a flight out on Thursday for the UK cause it's time to go see some old friends
across the pond..... Ben :blue-cool: :blue-cool: :blue-cool: (PS Alden your my hero you kept me laughing all week)

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#82611 Proud To Announce A New Addition

Posted by beach on 03 August 2011 - 09:47 AM

Well as a new old master comes to the table I must admit Iam impressed with both the work of the manufacturing as well as how this kiteperforms. I was given the opportunity to work with Mr. Carl Robertshaw who hasbeen designing and flying kites forever it seems and thru a joint effort ofRevolution and Carl we have his addition of the Rev 1, these kites have hisspecial flare to them in both graphics and design. I must admit after havingspent some time on them they do have a feel that really works in flight and hisideas of design are both sound and very responsive and that's from a guy whowas never a Rev 1 fan. Well let me let Carl tell you a bit, but in closingthanks Carl you are a true addition to the Masterpiece design team…


Carl studiedGraphic Design at the world-famous Central St Martins College of Art and Designin London. While travelling on an exchange course to Australia, he met and flewwith some of the best kiters and teams of the time including Top of the Lineand High Performance. Carlʼs final year thesis concentrated on the physical andconceptual design of sport kites, specifically colour and pattern arrangementof panel graphics and how they affected the kitesʼ behaviour. Carl was one ofthe founder members of Airkraft, who were the first non-US team to win theWorld Championships in 1995. Carl has won the only Individual Quad-Line WorldChampionship, held in Dieppe France in 1998 (with the Rev 1) and recently wonthe World title in 2010 with Scratch Bunnies, the team he is now a member of.Carl has been making kites for over 20 years. He lives and works in Londondesigning and consulting on fabric structures for events and architects usingkites as his main inspiration.

Revolution 1graphics.

"Before adesign looks good it has to function properly. The1920ʼs Bauhaus art movementʼsmotto "Form Follows Function" is central to the panel layout of this new Rev 1.Like the woodcuts and drawings of the Bauhaus, the image, in this case theoutline of the kite, is dissected and abstracted. The dilemma is: how do youmake the graphics work coherently with the outline and the flightcharacteristics of the kite?

Over the past5 years Iʼve explored the kites geometry and realised that the two halves ofthe kite dictate visual perspective. In order to illustrate this, a third lineis drawn from the outside edges to the centre point. Adding another set oflines perpendicular to the vanishing point line dictates rotation, and a gridemerges to base a panel layout on. Mix this grid with the iconic Lee Sedgewickgraphic and the composition starts to make sense."

Revolution 1fabric structure for performance.

"I havealways flown the Rev 1 as it is stable and you have more control in light andstrong wind than the Rev 1.5. With an Icarex sail and tight bungees, the kiteis as fast and as responsive as a Rev 1.5. I have modified the sail in a coupleof ways – extending the depth of the sail at the V so each half of the kite ismore connected to the other, which helps reverse flight. The other modificationis the increased and continuous curve in the Leading Edge, which helps controlthe Trailing Edge even more, with the added benefit of keeping the sail undertension in all orientations.

The graindirection in the panels is important and the correct layout in this designimproves the stability of the sail. Iʼve used rolled seams as these arestronger than the fabric itself, and they provide stiffness to the sail, whichagain helps to support the trailing edge. Each kite is sewn with accuracy to within2mm to ensure that each kite is true to the design."


"Each colour scheme is unique. Iʼvedesigned over 150 colour variations. There are various groups of colour schemesthat are based on Op Art, Stereograms or LudwigHirschfeld-Mack colour mixers. I just hope you likethe colours! The Revolution logo on all the kites is dark grey."

Please call the office or me for prices.....

858-679-5785 or


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#79479 China Here I Come and I Promise To Be Nice...

Posted by beach on 19 April 2011 - 10:46 PM

Im still here and will update when I get HOME, I will say I made a big splash here with all the knock off makers and I will do a post and also a photo line
up being as I now have all there photos so we can put a face to them.... :kid_brooding: I had some great people here who risked everything to take me around cause
lets never forget this is not the USA and I am in there backyard.... Ben :blue-cool: :blue-cool: :blue-cool:

#79439 China Here I Come and I Promise To Be Nice...

Posted by beach on 18 April 2011 - 01:10 AM


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#79112 Wear Strips

Posted by beach on 05 April 2011 - 09:46 AM

After over 6 months of testing between myself and iQuad we have really looked at wear strips on the B Pros along the spars and have thought this is the way
it shall be..... :blue_wink: I do this more for the trick flier who is doing many axels and flick flacks and to make the kites last a bit longer, yes longer is better.... Mostly
its because I have seen and had these slices on my own kites and want to cure a problem that is not really a problem, because of the material used in the
Pros and the much more aggressive flying style most of have these days we tend to wear the kites out on the spar line faster and to me this is a problem.
So for $10.00 more these strips will be on the new kites don't moan Bazzer has to make a living too, plus he's good at what he does, this is an upgrade to
a great product making it better.... Ben :blue-cool: :blue-cool: :blue-cool:

#78758 Washington DC Exciting NEWS!

Posted by beach on 22 March 2011 - 08:03 AM

Guess where I'm headed??????? :blue-cool: Well Im going to DC to hang out with Amy and Connor to help support them and to not let them have fun all by themselves........
Yes I would lie and say I'm just going to support them but the truth is I'm headed there to present Connor with a lets say a gift / business........ :kid_devlish: Hey but the real
reason I'm going is to be with my East Coast, West Coast Family and of course to fly a bit and share the magic...... So let me shake of the sand of Huntington Beach out and get the bag ready for DC, hmmmm no wonder I'm always so lost............ Ben :blue-cool: :blue-cool: :blue-cool:

#78468 Kite Party and it's going to be fun.....

Posted by beach on 09 March 2011 - 08:39 AM

Well here we are again waiting to go to another " Kite Party " at Huntington Beach Ca. and I'm excited for sure..... :blue-love: I figure between " Team to Much Fun "
and " iQuad " I will stay out of trouble and then with the help of " Dr. Moody " :kid_devlish: all will be well....... Shame our friend Lou can't make it but because of work
issues he can't come out and play...... :kid_cussing: As for me I ( as always ) will be hard at work :innocent:, hey somebody has to do this job....... Hmmmmmm nice skies,
good winds, warm weather, and this is work!!!!!! Oh such a tough job.... Anyway hope to see you in a few days and even more hope to share some sky with
you...... Ben :blue-cool: :blue-cool: :blue-cool:

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#74333 The Girls of Revolution

Posted by beach on 18 October 2010 - 09:16 PM

I just had to share this cause these girls are grrrrrrrrrrrrrr........ Ben :blue-cool: :blue-cool: :blue-cool:

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#73221 world record of 64 revolution kites... FAIL

Posted by beach on 14 September 2010 - 10:23 AM

The extra space was for all of you guys and none of you showed up...... :kid_cussing:So do I need to come over and set this record right across the pond... :kid_loved:Smile
all cause it's kites and friends so to :kid_cussing: if it's grids or shoulder to shoulder it really does not matter what counts is US together having fun and enjoying the
day....... Whats a real world record is the fact that we come together and fly as friends and Family, this was never about just kites this is all about a brotherhood
of friends who come together with kites, so before we get all upset remember how much fun it was in the UK or WSIKF and how as a unit we came together and
for one brief flash it did'nt matter who you were or where you were from all that matter is we as a Family were having fun, imagine that FUN...... :blue-cool: So here's
my 2 cents and win, lose, or draw I love all of you as a member of my Family..... Ben :blue-cool: :blue-cool: :blue-cool:

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#68897 What It Means

Posted by beach on 28 April 2010 - 11:34 AM

As some of you may know on my last adventure well I had to do alot of thinking on my feet and then going into action. With the recent volcanic eruption in
Iceland I had some tough issues to work thru and with some help of some great friend Dave G. I was able do do what I needed to do, hence this post..... While at
Berck Sur Mer I was stuck plain a simple and then the Family helped out and we got thru all the bull and made it to Paris, but on the flip side I was having to
put myself on the East coast with no idea of what to do..... So I got out my phone and BANG there all the answers to my problems were answered. I had Jim
C. meeting me at the airport to run me out to the Kings, who put me up and drove me to MIKE for the event, then Dennis bringing me back to the airport
for my return home.... :blue-cool: This is what it's all about for me at least, people helping people, and then just getting it done.... :blue-grin: Thats why when this all started
I called this a Family cause who else but Family is going to go that extra mile for you and help you get thru things that are beyond your control... With that
being said I'd like to thank all the folks who were a part of my last adventure and to remind you, Ill Be Back..... :blue-cool: :blue-cool:Posted Image Ben

#65771 Here's A Pair of ????????

Posted by beach on 09 February 2010 - 09:48 AM

This made me smile this a.m. and thought I'd share...... Ben :kid_smartass: :kid_devlish: :kid_smartass: :kid_devlish:

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#63155 The first " Zen " goes out the door

Posted by beach on 26 December 2009 - 03:10 PM

Hmmmmmm, I have heard you and thank you for all of your inputs and now here are some answers for the other materials..... :blue-cool:

We have looked at colored kevlar and the dog yellow as Bazzer called it, in our own testing over 20+ years we've found it is the only one that does not get destroyed when exposed to salt water or lose integrity after such exposure, and is the most UV resistant which are issues this kite faces daily, also I'm not bringing into play melting factors which is a whole issue in it self..... :blue-cool: I do understand the look but until I find a product that I trust this is what will be, so you all know do I like it "NO" does it last "YES"...... :blue-cool:

As a side note Dupont does make a kevlar I really like but it is not a sticky back so that won't work for our application in the factory, and so the entire world knows this kevlar is also used in other products we make and if I changed I'd also have to change this product which has a world wide standard for manufacturing or carry both types of kevlar, hmmmm more company money tied up plus more storage, we have to look at the whole picture otherwise if I listened to every single suggestion we would be out of business in a month...... :kid_brooding:

There's alot going on behind the scenes with manufacturing that never gets seen by you or factored in when folks think about things but I ask you to look at the entire picture before getting upset..... Also I will always listen and if it's a good idea I will use it but on this issue until I have a kevlar that I know works I will not take chances cause in all honestly I don't want to deal with world wide failures of Revolution kites when what I have works up to and past what it needs too, " if it's not broke I won't fix it" in this particular case.......Ben

#46741 Obliviots

Posted by beach on 07 April 2009 - 09:57 AM

End of the day, we have to be more responsible than they are... We know more than they do.

It may be sad, but it's to be expected that people will be unaware (much of the world).

I watch my kites and lines more in trouble areas, try to pick my spot for parking kites with some forethought, and I make sure my flight paths illustrate what is going on in that area... Nothing like thumping into the ground 50 feet away from someone who is approaching my flight area, they don't tend to come too close after that.

Well said John and that is what I do alot of, scare them away....Ben :blue-cool: :blue-cool:

#17694 Failure of my horizontal mesh

Posted by beach on 18 April 2008 - 09:19 AM

I want everyone to know I'm watching this post very carefully, but I'm not sure if the cure will really stop the problem.
The mesh we use is a fiberglass mesh that has worked well even with the few problems and because of this I want you all to
know why we do what we do, I'm going to explain some things. I've personally looked at new meshes but had to test
them in many ways, wet, cold, hot, because these are all conditions that this kite is flown in, a mesh that works in
the UK under damp conditions may fail for a guy who flies in Alaska in sub freezing temps. and believe me we have
fliers there who do. A stiffer mesh may not work for a guy in Kuwait who fliers in 110 temps all the time, or
a poly mesh will not work for a guy who likes to dunk his kite in the ocean all the time cause the salt reacts to the
mesh and to be perfectly honest are mesh has worked the best in all conditions. So with that being said I ask that
you look at the whole picture...... When you make changes they have to work world wide in a huge arena of conditions
or you rob Paul to make Peter happy- if that make any sense. I am going to look at some tabs at the fold points and
am sewing them on 2 of my personal kites now and will test this as a partial cure and ask all of you to remember
that folding should be done so the fold line is slack and all of the suggestions are very good and if this helps I'm
happy but I do know there are a lot of things going on that can make these tears happen, but I also know I will try to
find a cure that works for all of us..... Respectfully Ben ( a flier)


Posted by beach on 20 September 2007 - 10:36 AM

This is bad very bad but lets do some damage contol, Amy what do you need for nationals so you can do what you do? No money no problem I need you flying at nationals plain and simple......What my idea is I'll demo the kites and stuff you need and then you can work out of by bag so at least you can fly and from there we'll figure it out.........