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Accomodations at Long Beach

11 August 2011 - 08:47 PM

An excellent house accomodating up to 10 is still available for the WSIKF week, by the day or by the week. You can even reserve now for the 2012 WSIKF. The house is in Long Beach on quiet 8th street, a 10 minute walk from Bolstad. Contact Lois at 425-941-4368 or silverfoxx13@hotmail.com.

Keep the wind at your back and remember your thumbs !

Tip for Revolution Flyer Wannabe

18 July 2011 - 07:49 PM

We've all been cautioned that two-line experience may be detrimental to learning to fly a Rev. Here is a way to benefit from two-line practice before ever flying a Rev. Find a pair of handles with the line attachments off center. Fly your two-line kite, holding handles with the line attachment below the center. Now, for subtle movements of the two-line kite, pushing with the left or right thumb, quad-style, actually pulls on the line on that side. For example, if the the two-line kite's right wing goes up, pushing on the right thumb actually pulls on the right line, rotating the kite to the right, i.e., bringing the right wing down, just like the thumb push does for a Rev. This only works for subtle movements, but helps establish the thumb push habit and response.