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Not new, but still a beginner

23 August 2010 - 12:07 PM

Since this my first post, I should probably start off with an introduction. I've been flying the dual line kites since 6th grade. I still have my first Skynasaur; it hangs on my cubicle wall behind my computer monitor here at work. We mostly made our own kites for the first couple of years, and my first "real kite" was a Fire Dart. Since then I have progressed through Flexi Foils, North Shore Radical's, and now I own a nice selection of Prism's line-up. About 8 years ago I picked up a Revolution EXP. I've always been fascinated with these 4-line things. (I had a quad line bridle for my Fire Darts.) I've flown the EXP off and on since I bought it, but I have never been able to get to where it is comfortable to fly. I would consider myself an advanced recreational flier in the dual line world. I can do basic tricks, but I more enjoy trying to fly as precise as possible. Now that we have kids I only get out 5-10 times a year, with usually 2 or 3 trips to Ocean Shores, WA.

This past weekend was one of our Ocean Shores trips, and the weather was beautiful. With the winds holding steady between 10 and 15 MPH, I decided to dig out the EXP and give it a try again. I have always been able to fly forward and hover with the leading edge up to nearly vertical. Sliding still give me some problems, but that is getting better. The reason for joining this forum is to get some pointers for hovering/flying inverted. The problem I have is when inverted one tip likes to flip over on me. I have always thought that I was over-controlling the kite, but this weekend something just didn't seem right. Simply trying to launch with the leading edge down was causing the one tip to flip over, or the kite would spin quickly and take off.

I've done some searching around here, and the two tips I've come up with is building knotted leaders for the handles, and stop over-controlling the kite. I've also watched the videos here, to try and see if maybe there is something wrong with my hand placement, body posture, hair style, etc. The two things I picked up from the videos are, I never have had to pull my lines to get the kite to launch, this thing wants to fly forward, and if I jerked on the lines that hard this kite would come crashing down.

I understand this kite can be sensitive to what my hands are doing, and my hands need to learn the feel of a quad line kite. That said, how well can I expect the EXP to track while flying inverted? Should I be looking at the bridle to see if it is not setup properly? (I wouldn't know if it is right or wrong, since this is the only quad line kite I have.) Can the controls be tamed be building the knotted leaders, and adjusting the line lengths?