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#72369 New Rev flier from Hillsboro OR

Posted by hey_herb on 22 August 2010 - 05:57 PM


I accidentally stumbled upon the WSIKF last year and almost bought a Rev, I just didn't have the resources. This year we made a point of going to Long Beach just for the festival and I went planning to buy.

I purchased a Signature Series 1.5 in purple and grey, non-vented. It came with handles and 80' string that I think is 90#.

I eagerly took it down to the beach where I promptly set up my trainer stunt kite to teach a friend how to fly. He had a lot of fun and I got a lot of exercise walking back and forth just out of his range to relaunch the kite. When he was finished plowing sand I set up my stunt kite and was showing him some basic tricks until I broke a lower spreader. Finally, I got to set up my Rev.

I didn't ask a lot of questions while I was buying the kite, I didn't do any research, and I had no idea what I was doing. I am a visual learner and the stuff I was hearing didn't make sense. Besides, how hard could flying a kite be?

After about 10 minutes of rolling my kite around on the ground and terrorizing a nearby family, a wise lady who was passing through stopped and helped me get the kite set up properly. What do you mean the poles go on the back side of the kite??? I didn't actually ask that because I could tell right away she knew what she was doing and that would have been insulting. She then helped me get the strings right and told me how to hold then handles, then she said I should protect my investment and go over to the Rev section of the festival and get a lesson. What a wonderful and smart person she was. I knew she was right, and I knew I should go, but I really wanted to just fly my kite.

So I started flying my kite. I got pretty good and going straight up, and slowly setting it back down, but every time my kite turned sideways it would do a long graceful arc and powerdive into the sand. When I planted the kite between the parents and the kids of the family I was previously terrorizing, I decided I should probably get some lessons before I killed someone. So I put away my kite and strings (wish I had seen that video about how to do it properly first) and strolled over to the Rev area.

The lady running the Rev area was busy, but there were a couple people in the area flying a kite who knew what they were doing. So I went up and started asking them questions. They were very polite and eager to help and let me fly their kite and in just a few minutes I had the basics down. I could stop the power dives, I could hover it on it's side and make it go up and down, I got it to hover upside down for bit but it would flip upright at the slightest twitch. I did have one more power dive while they were showing me the basics, and I almost killed the Rev lady. Turns out I was flying one of her kites, and my teachers were trying not to laugh about it. I learned a lot in those few minutes, but then I had to go home and couldn't practice any of it. The gentleman I was working with then told me to come check out this site and join the forum. He said the guy whose initials are on my kite lives in Portland and there is a strong helpful community that I can tap into.

After just an hour of reading through some of these topics I can see he was also a very wise man. Thank you whoever you are.

Although I am not sure if I should have my wife look through these forums though. It might make her panic knowing what I just got myself into. However....... Maybe if she found out now that I would eventually have 11 kites, 7 string setups and kite bags loaded with gear and spare parts then she would be resigned to the fate and maybe even have fun with the lunacy.

Anyway, that is my hello to the forums. I look forward to flying with you.