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Zen 1. impressions

15 September 2011 - 07:35 AM

I got a beautiful Rev Zen delivered in custom colors this summer. Beautiful handcraft and finishing on this kite :)

But to be frank I was quite surprised the first time I took her in the air. The kite feels very heavy on the lines compared to the Barresi 1.5's (std & vtd), and from my experience not "floaty" at all. Not to say that is wrong, but being a called a phenomenal light wind kite, I had just expected a bigger but also a light kite. Sort of when you get an ultra lite or SUL dual line kite, then it feels very light and delicate in the air compared to its standard sibling.

The upside is that upper end of the stated wind range, seems very conservative. In 10-12 kmh / 6-8mph it feels very safe and nowhere near it's upper limit. I had feared it was fragile and not able to take some wind, but no concern in this regard.

Whether it flies in lower wind than a 2 wrapped 1.5 B series, I doubt, but I haven't had any steady ultra low wind 1-2 mph yet to test it :innocent: But I do notice the Zen wants to move in the air, in order to keep it up, where the 1.5 seem a better at hovering in the same winds without loosing height. Could be that the Zen needs to be flown different, but as my flying skills has improved I am constantly amazed by how little wind a B 1.5 needs when handled properly :P

Maybe I need some more time with the Zen to be equally impressed, as right now I am not. I do like it's feel, and slow gracious movements, and I think it looks lovely.

Have you experienced the Zen needed a different flying technique compared to the 1.5, to feel the "love"? ;)

How to get oil safely off the lines?

10 July 2011 - 01:47 AM

I just noticed the other day when winding my lines, that they had picked oil from the beach. Urghh. A 2 meter lenght was very sticky, brown and oil smelling.

How do I get it it of the lines safely? I have tried with soap on a rag, but it does not take all of it away.

I would like to get the lines completely clean and slippery again, but don't know what will degrease them safely? Any experience with this?

When I know how to get them completely clean, some silicone spray will make the spankling slippery again ;-)

How to improve the B std's low end?

01 May 2011 - 12:31 AM

I think the B series std. low end is terrific, but while I wait for a Zen to arrive, what could I try of simple (easy reversible) tuning/mods to improve the low end?

My shortest flying line is 80', so here I gues making a 50 or 65' set would make a difference?

Would a bridle mod make sense (heard of tying extra knots in somewhere)? Or attaching lines directly to the frame do?

Or is it simply to much trouble compared to what is gained.... I still want to use the kite as a standard, as I am not reserving it for SUL flying.

Thanks! :kid_smartass:

Rev. 1 or the Zen?

12 April 2011 - 02:48 AM

I have and enjoy both a B-series std. and full vented.
So this is not excatly my first Rev, but I hope I am in
the right forum anyway ;-)

The two B-series are wonderfull, but now there is the
"itch" to get a new one, and I am attracted to a larger
model, because I like the slower more gracefull
movements a larger sail gives.

Better low wind characteristics is a nice bonus too.

Should I go for Rev 1, save quite a few dollars compared
to a Zen, and settle for a more boring sail layout and
give up a little on the very low end?

Or should I go for a Zen, empty my pockets!, and live with a
kite that is excellent in low wind, but probably inferior to the
Rev 1 in anything above 5 mph?

Or have I got it all wrong?

Pls. help me out and chime in if you have any experience in
these matters and desires ;-)


Wow on the B-series low wind performance!

31 October 2010 - 06:42 AM

I was at the beach today with lower winds coming from the sea Posted Image

The winds were around 5-7 mph at ground when I started, with the kite loaded with 3 wraps. It flew fine, but I had to pay attention and learn some low winds skills on a rev. Main thing was to keep the kite moving, and doing slow turns where you rather use the arms carefully to turn the kite (like dual liners), instead of the wrist. I don't know if this is wright , but it worked for me. Also hovers were impossible to keep, the wind was simply to low for that kind of fun.

Then the wind dropped a bit, and I changed to a 2 wrap leading edge. Flag on top of harbour club house was hanging straight down, and the anemometer on the same roof was not turning, but I could feel a slight breeze at the back of my neck. I tried to launch and Voila!, the kite flew fine; I hard to work a bit and pay attention again, but man it flew in next to nothing, and I am just a beginner Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Impressive kite!

I MUST get a full vent now, so this delicate piece of kite is not mistreated in medium-high winds Posted Image