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In Topic: Zen 1. impressions

15 September 2011 - 11:28 PM

Thanks everybody for the your good and helpful inputs ;)

In Topic: Zen 1. impressions

15 September 2011 - 11:25 PM

My first REV was a REV I, which I learned on. It uses the same rods and a "similar" sail to the ZEN. So, I am quite comfortable with flying a ZEN. In fact I am quite comfortable with flying any other REV, speed series or Blast.

I have run across a few REV fliers out there who learned on a REV 1.5 but they just never feel comfortable flying a REV I. I don't know why it is, but is that way.

I guess it is the "comfort/familiar factor" that comes into play here ;)

In Topic: Zen 1. impressions

15 September 2011 - 11:23 PM

+1 on the above comments.

The Zen does take a different technique to get the most out of it. Because of the design of the sail, it requires a good amount of pressure to load the sail up for flight. Once loaded it will fly in very light winds and have excellent control. Fast or sharp turns can dump the wind and un-load the sail so a quick step back and smooth pull of the handles are required to re-laod the sail again for flight. Keep your movements very slow and fluid-like and avoid sharp snappy turns and the Zen will be a dream to fly.

Anyone looking to get the Zen or that has one now and not sure if you like it, try to be patient with it and really spend some time defining your technique. Once you figure out how the Zen likes to be flown, you will fall in love with it. If you try to force fly it like your 1.5's then you may never really connect with it.

Thanks, I'll be patient, promise ;) I really want to love this kite, thats why I am posting. I like it, but it is very different from what i expected (maybe wrong to transfer my dual line experience to this).

I'll give all your advice a try, and I am sure spending time getting to know the Zen means a lot (my dad never liked getting a new car, because it was not exactly like the old one :lol:)

In Topic: Zen 1. impressions

15 September 2011 - 11:17 PM

With the stock frame, my Zen took a different technique to fly it like I fly my 1.5s. Specifically because of how the stock Zen LE flexes in relation to my flying style. Now that I've switched over to the Rev1 Race frame/2 wrap center, my Zen :blue-love: handles more like my 1.5 (standard) B full-sail, just a bit slower, and with much-improved reverse flight and float/glide characteristics.

My Zen doesn't fly well outside of its 6 mph range at all! I fly with a considerable amount of brake, and that prevents the wind from over-sheeting the Zen. That could be why a reason I don't have a higher wind range for it. Around 5 mph it begins to pull hard, and after 6 mph the frame begins to bend sharply with my inputs and counter-steering becomes difficult. I've heard it described as "handling like a truck".

Compared to my 1.5 B (Race frame), the Zen flies considerably better in the 1-3 mph range. Especially on longer lines. The frame starts flexing on the Zen way before even the Race equipped B, giving me that handling aspect I love. In this wind range, my Zen takes about 1/3 of the real estate needed to fly compared to my B. From the top of the wind window, I can put my Zen into a glide that gains more ground than the B. I can also "throw" the Zen quite a bit farther than my B. This could be because of the added weight of the Zen. I think its the combination of sail design and weight though.

I :throb: my :sq-yingyang: Zen :sq-yingyang: Rev !!

(my "About Me" has read that for quite some time now!!)

Thanks a lot for all the good inputs and information!

In Topic: How to get oil safely off the lines?

10 July 2011 - 12:43 PM

Thanks everyone for your help and advice! ;-)

Hopefully I will have some nice clean lines tomorrow!